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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Oxygen Therapy Oxygen Therapy: Administration and Managment Respiratory Therapy 2021-10-19 kparkerlehman 92 3 edit
Muckokinetics and Su Respiratory Pharmacology Respiratory Therapy 2012-11-12 kparkerlehman 70 1 edit
Aniasthmatic/Antiinf Anti-Inflammatory/Antiasthamtic Agents Respiratory Therapy 2011-11-19 kparkerlehman 85 0 edit
General Pharmacologi General Pharmacologic Principals Respiratory Therapy 2011-11-20 kparkerlehman 85 0 edit
Aerosol Drug Therapy Humidity and Bland Aerosol Therapy Respiratory Therapy 2023-01-20 kparkerlehman 76 9 edit
Anti-Innfectives Anti-InfectiveAgents Pharmacology Respiratory Therapy 2011-11-21 kparkerlehman 39 0 edit
Aerosol PartII Humidity and Blansd Aerosol Therapy Part II Respiratory Therapy 2014-10-02 kparkerlehman 38 1 edit
Unit 6 test review Anti-infective Agents/Cardiac Renal Agents Test Review Respiratory Therapy 2022-07-03 kparkerlehman 103 4 edit
Unit VII test Paralytics/thrombolytics Respiratory Therapy 2011-12-07 kparkerlehman 80 1 edit
Bronchial Hygiene Th Bronchial Hygiene Therapy RCP111 Unit I Respiratory Therapy 2022-07-03 kparkerlehman 106 4 edit
Lung Expansion Ther. Lunch Expansion Therapy RCP 111 Respiratory Therapy 2023-01-20 kparkerlehman 107 6 edit
Monitoring/Blood Gas Analysis and Monitoring of Gas Exchange Respiratory Therapy 2022-07-03 kparkerlehman 128 2 edit
Airway Management. Airway Management Therapuetics and diagnositcs Respiratory Therapy 2023-08-01 kparkerlehman 232 17 edit
Introduction to Mech Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation RCP 112 Respiratory Therapy 2021-10-03 kparkerlehman 73 4 edit
Patient Managmenet 2 Ventilator Circuit basics, modes of mechanical ventilation, etc Respiratory Therapy 2022-07-03 kparkerlehman 116 5 edit
PB840 Puritan Bennet 840 Unit III Respiratory Therapy 2022-07-03 kparkerlehman 116 5 edit
Noninvasive Ventilat Bipap Vision Respiratory Therapy 2012-07-21 kparkerlehman 85 1 edit
Critical CareConcept VentilatorOrientation900C Unit I Respiratory Therapy 2012-08-16 kparkerlehman 41 0 edit
Perinatal Lung Disea RCP 214 Unit 1 Perinatal lung disease and other problems of prematurity Respiratory Therapy 2012-08-16 kparkerlehman 70 0 edit

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