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Psych 6 Sub Abuse

Substance Abuse

What is the most serious SE of clozapine? Agranulocytosis
What is Todd's paralysis? Postictal hemiparesis lasting 15-24h
What is the first line treatment for acute otitis media? Amox x10d (2nd line is amox+clavulanic acid, 3rd line is ceph)
Name 5 tx for helping alcoholics prevent relapse. 1. AA 2. Disulfiram 3. Topiramate (anticonvulsant) 4. Naltrexone 5. Acamprosate
What are the components of the CAGE questionaire? Cut back, Annoyance, Guilt, Eye opener
In which vitamins are alcoholics typically deficient? B1 (thiamine), B12. ALso B2, B6, folate, Vit C, and Vit A
What is the most successful tx for alcoholism? AA
List the sx assoc'd with the life threatening condition delirium tremens. Seizures, delirium, agitation, tachycardia, HTN, and diaphoresis
What is the drug of choice for treating alcohol withdrawal? Long-acting benzo (diazepam, lorazepam, chlordiazepoxide)
Name that drug!: post-op constipation and/or respiratory depression Opioid use
Name that drug!: severe depression, HA, fatiuge, insominia/hypersomnia, hunger Cocaine or amphetamine w/d
Name that drug!: pinpoint pupils, n/v, seizures opioid OD
Name that drug!: belligerence, impulsiveness, nystagmus, homicidal ideations, psychosis PCP tox
Name that drug!: HA, anxiety/depression, wiehgt gain Nicotine or caffeine w/d
Name that drug!: anxiety/depression, delusions, hallucinations, flashbacks LSD use
Name that drug!: euphoria, social withdrawal, impaired judgement, hallucinations Marijuana tox
Name that drug!: rebound anxiety, tremors, seizures, life-threatening alcohol, benzo, or barbiturate w/d
Name that drug!: anxiety, piloerection, yawning, fever, rhinorrhea, nausea, diarrhea Opioid w/d
What is the downside of adding bupropion to nicotine replacement in a pt trying to stop smoking? Increased risk of severe HTN
Lindsday Lohan presents with recent weight loss and is found to have erythema of her turbinates and nasal septum. What is the cause of her weight loss? Cocaine use
Dr. Giraffe, an OB resident, is brought to the ER by police and is restrained after violently attacking a group of unsuspecting 3rd year medical students with a used exam glove. What OD is likely? What is the RX? PCP. Tx with benzos or haloperidol. Monitor in dark quiet room. Give IVF to prevent rhabdomyolysis.
What features are unique to PCP intoxication that allow you to distinguish it from LSD intoxication? Both cause visual hallucinations, but PCP also has agitation and aggression.
What drugs can be used in the case of HTN in a pt with cocaine or amphetamine intox? Phentolamine (alpha blocker) or benzos. DON'T give beta blockers-- makes it worse!
What vaccines should be given to known alcoholic pts? Pneumovax, flu, hep A, and hep B
What is one of the earliest signs of alcohol withdrawal? tachycardia
What class of organisms do you need to cover when treating an alcoholic with pneumonia? Anaerobes. Could be aspiration pneumonia. Abx include piperacillin/tazobactam (Zosyn) or imipenem/cilastatin.
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