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Psych 5 PersonalityD

Personality Disorders

A woman who witnessed a murder is able to calmy describe every gory detail. Which defense mechanism is she displaying? Isolation of affect
Which defense mechanism is a person displaying when she subconsciously pushes memories of past abuse out of her conscious mind? Repression
A mother who is frustrated with her child yells at her husband. What defense mechanism is she displaying? Displacement
What personality disorder am I?: excessive need to be taken care of, submissive and clinging behavior, low self-confidence, fears of separation and losing support Dependent
What personality disorder am I?: grandiosity, feels entitled to things, lack of empathy Narcissistic
What personality disorder am I?: suicide attempts, unstable mood and behavior, sense of emptiness and loneliness, impulsiveness Borderline
What personality disorder am I?: distrustful, suspicious, litigious Paranoid
What personality disorder am I?: lifelong voluntary social withdrawal, no psychosis, emotional expression is limited Schizoid
What personality disorder am I?: feelings of inadequacy, hypersensitive to rejection or criticism, socially inhibited, shy Avoidant
What personality disorder am I?: constant mood of unhappiness and pessimism Depressive
What personality disorder am I?: odd appearance, thoughts, and behavior; no psychosis; social awkwardness Schizotypal
What personality disorder am I?: controlling, perfectionistic, orderly, stubborn, indecisive Obsessive compulsive (personality disorder)
What personality disorder am I?: criminality, unable to conform to social norms, disregard for others' rights antisocial
What personality disorder am I?: excessively dramatic, emotional, and extroverted; sexually provocative behavior; unable to maintain intimate relationships Histrionic
Tx for most personality disorders? Psychotherapy (cluster A's can also get low dose antipsychotics)
What is the difference between OCD and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? OCD ppl know that their behavior is bizarre and limiting. Personality disorder ppl don't recognize their behavior as problematic; it's just who they are.
What are the distinguishing characteristics between antisocial personality disorder and conduct disorder? Age: conduct d/o is <18yo. After that, it becomes antisocial PD.
What is a personality trait? When a pt exhibits mild signs of personality disorder but is able to function normally in society.
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