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Neuro 3 Encephalitis


How is West Nile Virus diagnosed? Serology for IgM Ab against virus
Treatment for West Nile virus? Supportive
What is a term that describes the main two components of Reye Syndrome? Hepatic encephalitis. Hypoglycemia and encephalitis.
A young pt with flu-like sx was treated by aspirin by her babysitter. Her parents rush her to the hospital after she is noted to have a seizure at home. What is the cause and the tx of these seizures? Reye syndrome. Give phenytoin for seizures
A pt is admitted to the hospital with the presumptive diagnosis of viral meningitis. An MRI of the head shows lesions within the R temporal lobe. With which pathogen is this pattern most consistent? HSV
Name 5 major infections a/w birds. 1. West Nile 2. Avian flu 3. Cryptococcus 4. Histoplasmosis 5. Chlamydia psittaci/Psittacosis
How should you treat a pt that has been bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies or who cannot be observed for 10d? Clean wound with povidine iodine, give rabies Ig, give rabies vaccine. Also consider tetanus prophy.
A pt is brough to ER with progressive m weakness, retained sensation, HA, vomiting, neck pain, and fever. CSF shows increased lympho, normal glucose, and normal protein. What life threatening complication can result? Resp m paralysis (polio virus)
Pt is recovering in ICU after MVC which caused subdural hematoma. Neurosurg does craniotomy and evacuation of clot. Draining in bulb was serous for first few days, but now is thick and yellow. Pt's neuro exam has also deteriorated. What is the cause? Subdural brain abscess (likely staph aureus infection from poor sterile technique)
How do the symptoms of encephalitis differ from those of meningitis? Encephalitis also involves mental status changes and focal neuro deficits
How is temporal lobe encephalitis treated? Acyclovir (temporal lobe enceph= HSV)
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