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Pressures of Study

Use these cards and activities to get ready for the tests

辅导 tutor
家长 parents
负担 to bear
小学 Primary School
情况 situation
着急 worry
几乎 nearly
辛苦 tough
上班 go to work
小时 hours
作业 homework
增加 to increase
练习 practise
努力 diligent
权利 the right
培养 foster
成为 become
为了 for the purpose of
影响 influence
竞争 compete
周末 weekend
放松 relax
无论 no matter
成绩 grades
补习班 extra classes
特长 speciality
要么。。要么 either..or
书法 calligraphy
只有 only
一会儿 a little while
愿意 be willing to
注意 pay attention to
提出 put forward
快乐 happy
要求 demand
赞成 approve
参加 participate
想法 idea
反对 oppose
从来 all along (always)
独立生活 independent lifestyle
同意 agree
态度 attitude
坚决 determined
不断 constant
听话 be obedient
活动 activity
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