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ScientificMethod Obj

Earth Science Unit 1 Scientific Method Vocabulary

Variable The item that is being tested in an experiment. It is the only thing that is different between the experimental and control group.
Independent Variable The variable that is being introduced by the scientist in an experiment. It can stand alone and does not change.
Dependent Variable The variable that is being measured or tested in an experiment. It changes in response to the independent variable.
Control Group Group in an experiment that has the exact conditions except the variable being tested.
Experimental Group Group in an experiment that has the variable being tested.
Hypothesis A possible explanation or solution to a problem.
Controlled Experiment An experiment that contains both an experimental and control group.
Valid Accepted by the scientific community. Legitimate or believable.
Placebo A fake pill used in a control group of an experiment that does not contain the active ingredient of the medication being tested.
Double Blind A component in a medical experiment where both the subject and the nurse that is administering medication do not know if they are receiving the medication or the placebo.
Large Sample Size Conducting an experiment on many subjects. An important component to make an experiment's findings valid.
Repeatability The results of an experiment can be duplicated when the experiment is done again.
Trials Different attempts of the experiment. To increase validity of an experiments results the experiment should be repeated numerous times.
Similarity Among Subjects The subjects of an experiment should share similar characteristics relevant to the variable being tested in the experiment.
How many variable should be tested in an experiment? Only one variable should be tested in an experiment.
Created by: Mrs. Crossman