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Test1_Chapter 31

Assess&Mgt of Patients Vascular Disorders & Prob Peripheral Circul-Chapter 31

anastomosis: junction of two vessels
aneurysm: a localized sac or dilation of an artery formed ata weak point in the vessel wall
angioplasty: an invasive procedure that uses a balloon-tippedcatheter to dilate a stenotic area of a blood vessel
ankle-brachial index (ABI) or ankle-arm index (AAI): ratioof the ankle systolic pressure to the arm systolic pressure;an objective measurement of arterial disease that providesquantification of the degree of stenosis
arteriosclerosis: diffuse process whereby the muscle fibersand the endothelial lining of the walls of small arteriesand arterioles thicken
atherosclerosis: inflammatory process involving the accumulationof lipids, calcium, blood components, carbohydrates,and fibrous tissue on the intimal layer of a largeor medium-sized artery
bruit: sound produced by turbulent blood flow through anirregular, tortuous, stenotic, or dilated vessel
dissection: separation of the weakened elastic andfibromuscular elements in the medial layer of an artery
duplex ultrasonography: combines B-mode gray-scaleimaging of tissue, organs, and blood vessels with capabilitiesof estimating velocity changes by use of a pulsedDoppler
intermittent claudication: a muscular, cramplike pain inthe extremities consistently reproduced with the samedegree of exercise or activity and relieved by rest
ischemia: deficient blood supply
rest pain: persistent pain in the foot or digits when thepatient is resting, indicating a severe degree of arterialinsufficiency
rubor: reddish blue discoloration of the extremities; indicativeof severe peripheral arterial damage in vessels thatremain dilated and unable to constrict
stenosis: narrowing or constriction of a vessel
Created by: jhrobins99