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CDC Vol 5

what is the single source of AF planning and support of combat forces in a time of war AF war and mobilization plan Vol 1
what team is the first to arrive at deployment location advanced echelon (ADVON)
the first aircraft squadron arrives at a bare base as a part of the initial force
during a contingency what gives you a break down of all material that must be moved to the forward location unit type code (UTC)
which document lists all deployment tasking requirements for a particular contingency, exercise, or deployment deployment requirements manning documents
what personnel system is used to generate a departure report manpower and personnel module-base level (MANPER-B)
what product is used by deployed commanders to identify deficiencies in unit type code (UTC) capabilities processing discrepancy reports
specific UTC that are normally eligible for deployment given a certain set of deployment conditions and assuming full readiness are considered available to deploy
where is UTC subsitution rules outlined AFI 10-403 deployment planning and execution
how many engineering and operations equipment/vehicle UTC are there 14
how many members are in an engineer augmentation team 1-6
which product summarizes a unit's wartime tasks and requirements designed operational capability (DOC) statement
who ensures that all prime BEEF team members are organized, trained, and equipped ti perform their contingency roles and all equipment is on-hand and ready to deploy prime BEEF manager
the status of research and training system (SORTS) is automated reporting system that function as the central registry of all operational units for the armed forces and certain foreign organizations
the degree to which a unit meets standards within the three measured resource areas and an overall unit assessment is indicated by a five point scale called C-levels
when must a prime BEEF courier carry an authorization letter that identifies the individual and describes the cargo they are escorting the cargo is classified
which document consolidates prime BEEF equipment and supply requirements equipment and supplies listing (ESL)
which deployment database contains the logistics details of each UTC and provides model load and packing lists for each cargo increment/pallet logistics force (LOGFOR)
which mobility bag contains the cold weather equipment B
what factor is the most important to reduce the confusion when building pallets for an exercise or actual deployment practice
where are cargo container keys kept with the cargo
what is not considered war reserve material (WRM) subsistence items
who is the functional expert for their respective area and is essential to the WRM program unit WRM managers
what kind of order does the secretary of defense (SECDEF) approve and transmit to the supported commander and joint planning and execution community (JPEC) announcing the selected course of action (COA) alert
which logistics module (LOGMOD) report, created through the schedule module shows suffix items within an item assigned to an increment packing list
where is cargo weighed, measured, and the cargo documentation validated cargo deployment funtion (CDF)
who is notified immediately when cargo becomes frustrated deployment control center (DCC)
what are all the AF incident management system (AFIMS) phases of incident management prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation
what type of command would be established if multiple incident commanders are managing several incidents across the installation area command
what type of command would be established if off base agencies responded on base unifed command
what are the primary special staff positions within the incident commanders staff (ICS) public information officer, safety officer, and liason officer
what positions comprise the incident commanders staff (ICS) general staff operation, logistics, planning, and finance and administration section chief
what three functions support the ICC C2 structure CAT, EOC, and UCC's
what communication centers make up the ECC fire, security forces and medical dispatch centers
the EOC is comprised of how many emergency support functions (ESF) 15
checkpoints are defined when creating checklists to enable anyone with the ability to follow through the checklits
what step in creating a checklist identifies the main categories classify and sort the checkpoints
what is the primary means of communication when contacting personnel on leave telephone
what must be emphasized when preparing comm-out procedures early notification of key personnel
who commands CE's UCC chief of operations
who is responsible for periodically inventorying UCC equipment and supplies operations management apprentice
who establishes and maintains the events log operations managers
what sequence is involved when updating UCC status boards update the events log, record the damage on the status board, and report the info to the EOC
what info is included on a damage status board work priorty
when changes are made to the status boards, you are required to report them to the EOC
who dispatches and monitors the progress of airfield damage report (ADR) teams UCC
how is ADR status reported to make it difficult for the enemy to determine what is going on using checklist items
how are the craftsmen dispatched to perform expedient repairs by work priority
who normally coordinates contingency operation support with appropiate agencies the EOC
normally when are SITREPS due at shift change
what should be eliminated from SITREP unwanted or frivolous information
how is a SITREP used make desicions
what bare base priority tasking deals with preparing petroleum oil and lubricants (POL) sites 2
which publication provides a list of CE team structures AFPAM 10-219 Vol 5 attachment 19
which publication provides a list of labor hour estimates AF specialty for common beddown tasks AFPAM 10-219 Vol 5 attachment 20
how many hours should your daily schedule cover when performing force beddown 24
what can be produced from the final base engineer survey toolkit (BEST) product tent city map
which GEO program help deployment planners to make go or no go decisions contingency aircraft parking planner (CAPP)
what is the first thing you must do when you prepare to erect a TEMPER tent select a site
what is assembled first on the TEMPER tent tent frame
how many frame sections must be assembled before the tent fabric is ready to be installed 5
what should you do to keep the tent sidewalls from being caught in the frame joints when raising the tent sides roll the sidewalls up
how many ppl does it take to pull the SSS cover up over the frame 4
guy ropes are installed on the SSS if wind conditions are over 40 mph
whose responsibility is it to track the status and whereabouts of every CE operations managers
which deployed personnel accountability tool provides a list of ppl and the teams they are assigned to duty roster
which deployed personnel accountability tool can be used to recall personnel standby roster
along with the primary deployed property custodian at least how many alternate property custodians must be designated 1
what action should take place once an unexploded ordinance (UXO) has been found marked and reported to the property authority
what are the dimensions for a minimum operating strip for fighter aircraft 50' by 5000'
the two damage reference systems commonly used in the AF are the crash grid system and the pavement reference marking system
what plotting symbol symbolizes a crater a circle
the 4 types of decontamination are immediate, operational, thorough, and reconstitution
how many mission-oriented protective postures (MOPP) levels are there 5
what work method is geared toward making a building safe for occupancy and providing minimal protection from elements expedient repair
what method of expedient repair provides structural integrity to weakened areas shoring
what method of expedient repair is used to protect people or equipment from the elements patching
what publication deals with restoration of water systems AFPAM 10-219 Vol 3
mormal silikal polymer is used for spall repair
who is the LMR focal point unit net manager
what kind of radio frequency propagates more easily via sky and direct wave because obstacles easily absorb them higher frequency waves
where would you normally receive radio frequencies from when deployed overseas host nation
what does message follows refer to in LMR common statements prepare for a long message
to navigate to a location using a GPS unit what do you need to put into the GPS a waypoint
how many batteries does the DAGR need to fully operate 2
what type of real time map formats does the GeoXT utilize rastor and vector
what methods can you use to update the EOC on base recovery actions telephone messenger or computer
in which phase of bare base are water points established beddown
who should be informed of deployed contract needs contingency contracting officer (CCO)
which functional areas are usually delegated SF form 44 authority CE and transportation
when should the customer complaint method of contract surveillance be used whenever nonconformance is validated by the customer
who conducts QAE phase 1 training AETC mobile instructor
statements of work must be prepared in accordance with AFI 63-124 performance based services acquisition
when performing job analysis for SOW why is it important to keep directives to a minimum the AF is only concerned with the results
who can make changes to the terms of an active performance work statement (PWS) contracting officer
who is responsible for funding us civilian employees evacuated or relocated during emergency conditions losing command
what is used to maintained balances for AF form 4009s during a contingency manual spreadsheets
what must an SF 1449 solicitation/contract/order for commercial items have in the ordered by block before it can be certified contracting representatives original signature
what is provided by an after action report final results
which function of contingency recovery involves making a list of broken damaged or missing parts re-palletizing
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