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CDC Vol 2

who monitors a units manning commanders support staff (CSS)
which product identifies personnel filing authorized positions unit personnel management roster
what quantity do allowance standards provide for you to perform your mission maximum
where can you retrieve the info about equipment allowance standards allowance standard retrieval system (ASRS)
what type of support agreement is made between AF and Navy detachment interservice
which item is one of the agreed upon areas of responsibility present on a functional moa/mou statement of facts
what role do computer systems play in cost accounting account for CE funds as dollars move through the stages of funding
which cost account is used for 'utilities' 20000
which cost account code is used for 'building and other real property' 50000
what status code is always assigned to '99999' P
why is a customer account listing run periodically to check they are entering the correct code
which section is responsible for the maintenance of customer account codes resources flight
which area develops, modifies, and deletes collection work order numbers (CWON) operations management and resources flight
the CWON numbers are used to authorize work that is minor in nature
which type of work do CWON authorize cleaning storm drains
when can a shop be deleted from a CWON when no time or labor has been charged against the shop
how are percentages distributed when multiple facilities are included in a work order, to equal 100% evenly among assigned facilities
which form is used to initially to request a service contract form 332
what is included in a performance work statement to provide incentives to perform the work in a cost effective manner measurable standards
how are minimum and maximum quantity limits specified in a basic IDIQ contract units or dollars
what must be evaluated by contracting subject matter experts before a best value analysis is prepared technical proposals
simplified aquisition of base engineering requirements(SABER) expedite the CE squadron contract execution by reducing design work and aquisition lead times
what is used to develop detailed cost estimates for work to be performed by SABER contract pre-negotiated unit price books
who determines whether a work request will become a SABER contract work request review board (WRRB)
who test the equipment selected for the 'try before you buy' program AF peronnel who can best attest to the products benefits
how long does the VEMSO product evaluation period last six months to one year
at what point does VEMSO send a formal report to the manufacturer stating the test results when all the testing and analysis is completed
what is a comprehensive collection of records for real property installed equipment not tied to a building facility files
where can you find out if a building is slated for demolition, and how should new work request be handled facilty files, annotate when the facility is going to torn down
what key item do facility files lack signatures
who submits non emergency work requirements facility manager
which form is used to approve local manufacture of supply or equipment items form 1348 single line item release
which code is used to identify a safety hazard or violation on all written work requests risk assesment
who usually marks block 15 on a work order approving authority
where are the criteria for determing the priority of work found AFI 32-1001
when work is authorized by a DSW what should the code be J
which work priority is given for work needed ti give adequate securityto areas subject to compromise to eliminate health and fire hazards 2
which work priority is given to a WO that is assigned a risk assesment code of 5 or a fire deficiency code of 4 or 5 4
how many types of DSW's are there 5
what labor utilization code is used for minor construction in IWIMS 15
who determines which DSW orders can be done by facility maintenance teams along with other routine requirements identified on the AF form 1219 shop supervisor
who recieve's the copy of the completed DSW when work is done in the generals office resources and housing management
what field on the add DSW screen in the IWIMS should not be changed without a valid customer requirement required completion date
what office should be notified when no AF account codes are displayed when adding a DSW in the IWIMS real property
the delegation to authorize a DSW order is given in writing by the commander
what factor allows the IWIMS end of session to programatically change the work order staus to 'c' there are no pending costs
how many work orders are there 5
a work order is handled as a direct scheduled work order if it does not require detailed planning
any work request that upgrades, replaces, or installs a sytems to real property may need to capitalized
resources should never be charged to contract work orders
which letters are used for in-house work orders A, J, W, X
who is appointed to manage a self-help work order when a unit does not have a seperate self-help shop shop supervisor
who normally chair the WRRB chief of operations
before you begin to spend money on a work order which AF form must have the correct signature on it AF 327
during which part of the work process must excess materials be dealt with closeout
when can a work order be cancelled at any time during the processing
which IWIMS log shows the complete history of the the movement of the work requirement tracking
which IWIMS log provides a history of the upgrade or downgrade of a work requirement status
which IWIMS feature is available to help you research work order status reports
when can a DSW order requiring material support be completed without assigning a required delivery date materials are delivered 45 days priorty estimated start date
based on DSW priorities who assigns a required delivery date to a work order operations manager
how many duty days before the 1st of the month must the 1st future month if the in-service work plan (IWP) schedule be final programmed and approved 10
how is each in-service IWP record identified installation, shop and month
which coloumn of the main IWP screen is automatically populated with man-hour availability estimates that are based in historical labor data draft
what are some of the reasons that would require reprogramming of the available man-hours for each shop work delays, priority changes, early completions
which report provides a summary of where each shop spends it's man-hours for a specific time period IWP information by month report
when updating the shop IWP man-hours the estimated completion date must be set to which of the following the last day of the month the work is to be completed
what is the 1st step to building the IWP schedules create draft IWP records
what should be adjusted to make sure the available man-hours are calculated correctly when building IWP schedules number of work days for the month
what data should be considered when estalishing the IWP shop availability rate personnel gains/losses and projected leaves
the final approving/programming of the total IWP by month reportmust be approved by the operations flight commander no later than 5 duty days prior to the end of the month
how many types of cost centers are there 2
when should you enter the a weekly schedule into IWIMS by the last duty day of the previous week
which AF form can be used to develop a weekly schedule 561
the IWIMS weekly work schedule has how many parts 2
which part of the schedule is used to schedule all hours used for supervision part 1, page 2
which recurring work program (RWP) actio code is used to indicate a job has been deferred for materials M
which LUC indicates a worker is being loaned to an exception time accounting cost center 39
what can the controller do when the personnel are not yet enteres in personnel directory but must have their labor accounted for add the person temporarily from the labor program
what management tool indicator is often established by higher headquarters to provide a meaningful measure of merit for managers to identify problems and success performance
what tools are established in the IWIMS/ACES that will help assess resources cost reports
which analysis tool can be applied to all procedures pertaining to operations methods analysis
which analysis tool is used for assessing the productivity of a group within the maintenance process work sampling studies
some RWP are operations related or service related
the main purpose of RWP is to maintain equipment around the base
what analysis method is used to evaluate preventative maintenance vs. breakdown maintenance life-cycle costs
who normally provides the estimated life span on equipment manufacturer
which RWP analysis method involves budgeting a portion of available man-hours to RWP and then performing only those priorities that the budget allows man-hour ceiling/priority analysis
varience analysis mostly pertains to labor hours
who conducts a variance analysis to identify and reduce or eliminate system and shop efficiencies maintenance engineer
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