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HA Clinical Dx Ch1

What are charactheristics of expert clinicians 1. Identifiy the most important cues 2. Understand and perofm advance esamination techniques 3. Test differentia or competing dx. Rule out vs. rule in 4. See patter in the information gathered.
Is this acute? Key questions 1. How long ago did your pain start 2. Was the onset sudden or gradual? 3. How severe is the pain on a scale of 1 to 10. 4. Does the pain wake you from sleep? 5. Course of pain: worse or better? 6. LBM 7. Ever have this pain before?
what is the time frame of severe pain onset that usually requires acute surgery 6-24 hours from onset.
Possible Abdominal surgical emergencies that require immediate evaluations Perforation look for signs of peritonititis Ectopic pregnancy: In any woman of child bearing age 3: Obstruction in the elderly 4: Ruptured abdominal aortic aneuryusem: when back pain is present 5. Intussusception 6. Malrotation (less 1month old)
What are the sxs of perontinitis Pain front back sides,shoulders Electrolytes fall:shock ensues Rigidity or rebound of ant abd wal Immobile abd pt. Tenderness w guarding Obstruction N & V Inc Pulse, - BP Temp: falls->rise; tachy Increasing girth of abd. Silent abd.: No BS
Created by: mcleal