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LGDQ Words

Words for LGDQ

a- no, lacking none
ab- away from
ac- to,toward
-aceus,aceous of or pertaining to
actino- ray
ad- to,toward
adeno- gland
agri- field, soil
-al having the character of
alb- white
-algia pain
allos- other
alto- high
alveus cavity,hollow
ambi;ampho- both,double
ameb;amoeb- change, alteration
amphi- double
an- not, without
ana- up, against
andr;andro- man,male,masculine
annelus- little ring
anemo- wind
angio vessel
ante- before, ahead of time
antero front
anth;antho- flower
anti- against
anthropo man
ap- to,toward
Aphrodite female god of love
aqu- water
archaeo- primitive, ancient
arthro- jointed
aster-;astr- stars
-ate having or characterized by
atom- vapor
audi- hear
auto- self
bactr- stick,club
barb- beard
baro-,bari- weight,heavy
bath- depth, weight
bene- good, well
bi- two, twice, double
bio;bi life, living
-blast sprout, germ
bol;bolism a throwing
botan- plant
brachi- having arms
branchi- having gills
brev- short
bronch- windpipe
bry;bryo- moss
calor- heat
cap- head
carb- coal,carbon
cardi- heart
carn- meat
carp- fruit
carpal wrist
cata down
caud tail
cell- storeroom,chamber
-cene new,recent
centi- hundredth
centr- center
cephal- head
cervic neck
cestos- belt
chem- referring to chemistry
chlor- green
chondrion- small cartilage
chord string
chrom;chrome color
chyme juice
-cide killing
cilia eyelid,eyelash
circum- around,about
cirro- hairlike curls
cnido- nettle
co- with, together
cocc- seed
coel- hollow
coll- glue
com- with, together
con- with, together
coni cone
contra- against
corp- body
cosmo- world,order,form
cotyl- cup
counter- against
crypt- hidden, covered
-cule;culus added to nouns to form diminutive
cumul- heaped
cuti- skin
cyan- dark blue
-cycle;cycl ring,circle
cyst- bladder,pouch
cyt-;-cyte cell,receptacle
dacty- finger
datum, data what is given
deca- ten
deci- tenth
deliquesce- become fluid
demi- half
dendri- tree
dent- tooth
derm- skin
di- two,double
dia- through, across
dic- to say
digit finger,toe
din- terrible
dis- apart,out
dorm- sleep
dors- back
du;duo two
-duct lead
dynam- power
dys ill, bad
ec- out of, outside
echino- spiny, prickly
eco- house
ect- outside, without
-ectomy removal of
electro- electric, electricity
-em made of
-emia blood
en- in, into
encephal- brain
end;ent- within, in
enter- intestines
-eous nature of, like
epi- on, upon, above
-err wander, go astray
erythro- red
ehthno- race, people
eu- well, good, true
ex- out of
experi to try
extra- beyond, outside of
facere make, do
-fer to bear, carry, produce
ferro- iron
fibr- fiber, thread
dis- divided into, split
flect;flex bend
flor- flower
fluor- a flowing
foli- leaf
fract- break
galact;galax- milk, milky fluid
gamet- spouse
gam-;gamy marriage
gastro- belly, stomach
geo- land,earth
gelat- jelly-like
-gen;-gine producer, farmer
gen-;-gene origin
germe- bud, sprout
-glea glue
glob- all, round
glottis mouth of windpipe
glyco- sweet
-gon angle.corner
-gony offspring,generation coming into being
grade step,division
-gram writing, record
-graph;graphy writing, record
grav- heavy
gross thick
gymno- naked
gyn- female
gry;gyro- ring,circle,spiral
-hal;hale breathe,breath
halo- salt,sea
haplos- single
hecto- hundred
heli- spiral
-helminth worm
hem- blood
hemi- half
hepat- liver
hepta seven
herb- grass
Hermes male god of love
hetero- different, other
hex- six
hibern- winter
hipp- horse
hist- tissue
holo- entire,whole
homo- man
homo- same, alike
hort- garden
hybrid- mongrel
hydr- water
hygr- wet,moist
hypo- beneath,under,less
hyper- above,beyond,over
hypho- weaving
hypno- sleep
-ia;iasis disease of, condition of
-ic adjective forming suffix
ichthy- fish
ign- fire
im- not
in- to,toward,into
in- not
-ine of,pertaining to
infra- below,beneath
inter- between
intra- within
-ion go;come
-ism a state or condition
iso- equal, same
-itis inflammation
karyote nucleus
kenesis movement
kilo- thousand
lab- lip
labore- give birth
lachry- tear
lact- milk
lat- side,flank
-less without
leuc- white,bright,light
lign- wood
lin- line
lingu- tongue
liqu- become fluid or liquid
lip- fat
lith-;-lite stone,petrifying
loc- place
-logy study of
-lysis;lyte;lyst burst,decompose,dissolve
macro- large
mal- bad
malle- hammer
mamm- breast
marg- border, edge
maris sea
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