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Perineal Care cleaning the genital and anal areas; pericare
Hirsutism excessive body hair in women and children
Full visual privacy having the means to be completely free from public view while in bed
Alopecia Hairloss
Convulsion a Seizure
Contracture The lack of joint mobility caused by abnormal shortening of the muscle
Prothesis an artificial replacement for the missing body part
Developmental Task a skill that must be completed during a stage of development
Mental Health the person copes with and adjusts to everyday stresses in ways accepted by society
External Rotation turning the joint outward
Defense Mechanisms unconscious reactions that block unpleasant threating feelings
Delirium a state of temporary but acute mental confusion
Mental Illness a disturbance in the ability to cope with or adjust to stress
Ambulation the act of walking
Sphygmomanometer a cuff and measuring device used to measure blood pressure
Postmortem after (post) death (mortem)
Reverse Trendelenburgs Position The head of the bed raised and the foot of the bed is lowered
hypertension systolic pressures that remain above 140mm Hg and diastolic pressures that remain above 90mm Hg
Systolic Pressure The amount of force needed to pump blood out of the heart into the arterial circulation
Hypotension When blood pressure is below 90mm Hg and below 60mm Hg
Fowlers position A semi sitting position; the head of the bed is raised 45 to 90 degrees
Fainting The sudden loss of consciousness from an inadequate blood supply to the brain
Trendelenburgs Position Head of the bed lowered and the foot of the bed is raised
Supination turning the joint upward
MSDs are injuries and disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and cartilage
OSHA occupational safety and health administration has standards and guidelines for handling hazardous substances
Cardiac Arrest The heart and breathing stop suddenly without warning..Signs; no response, no breathing, and no pulse
Shock when organs and tissues do not get enough blood
Hemorrhage the excessive loss of blood in a short time
Aspiration Breathing fluid or an object into the lungs
Seizure Violent and sudden contractions or tremors of muscle groups
Hallucination seeing, hearing, or feeling, something thats not real
Pronation turning the joint downward
Sundowning Signs, symptoms and behaviors of AD increase during hours of darkness
Internal Rotation Turning the joint inward
Atrophy the decrease in size or wasting away tissue
Adduction moving a body part toward to the midline of the body
Dementia The loss of cognitive and social function caused by changes in the brain
Rigor Mortis The stiffness or ridigity of skeletal muscles that occurs after death
Semi Fowler position head of the bed is raised 30 degrees or the head of the bed is raised 30 degrees and the knee position is raised 15 degrees
Delusion A false Belief
Created by: KayleeMcGeshick