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CDC Vol 1

what document outlines civil engineer organization joint publication 3-34
what differentiates AEW from AEF the ability to quickly deploy and establish operations
The AFCESA provides what type of mission support to maximize AF civil engineer capabilities professional readiness, energy, operations
The BCE will be the squadron commander
Who does the CE flight commander report to group commander
which positions would an operations manager typically be assigned to CSU and dispatcher
What CE skill level is usaually assigned as a CSU 3e631-3e651
what two units are major contributors to the AF prime beef mission ANG, AFR
what CE skill level is usually assigned as schedulers 3e651-3e671
when does HQ AFCESA conduct deployment workshops to coordinate requirements Annually in April or May
red horse units directly support combat air power worldwide
When ANG or AFR red horse unit mobilizes, who do they report to gaining MAJCOM
MAJCOM's establish UTC's for the operations within the command. these codes establish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what teams prime BEEF
MAJCOM ensure that prime BEEF operational and training activities comply with environmental laws and standards described in AF policy directive 32-70
who must ensure all prime BEEF team members are organized, equipped and trained to perform their contingency roles CE unit commander
which agency provides a civilian resource option to relieve or augment prime BEEF forces AF contract augmentation program (AFCAP)
what makes prime BEEF units response times equal to or less than the respoinse times for aircraft units deliberate planning
which publication is basis for all prime BEEF training AFI 10-210
the primary purpose of CE tier 3, silver flag, training is for students to show their ability to perform what type of tasks critical contingency
what provides a prime BEEF unit with a listing of items to carry when it deploys equipment and supplies listing
as part of the overall AF comprehensive plan, which plan outlines info from component plans as well as other planning documents general
which component of the AF comprehensive plan helps visually explain the narrative contained in the general plan, component plans,and special plans and studies maps
which drawings are used to update the master facility computer aided to design and drafting (CADD) files red-lines
where are the generalized views created by strategic geobase located pentagon
what enables the expeditionary geobase and sustains capabilities acquired at home stations through training georeach process
what are geospatial data layers supporting one or more functional communiies specific missions or processes called mission data sets (MDS)
subject knowledge levels are indicated by what A, B, C, D captial letters
task knowledge levels are indicated by what a, b, c, d lower case letters
What is used to indicate task performance 1, 2, 3, 4 and can never be used alone
when does the gaining supervisor conduct a initial training needs review within 90 days of assignment
which system identifies duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the AF mission military personnel classification
what does the E represent in 3E651 engineer career family
each AFS is combined into a more broad and functional category called a AFSC
which skill level must you obtain before staff sergeant 5
what is the forum to change the career field education and training plan (CFETP) u&tw
what does the AF use to measure the ability to recall methods, procedures, tools, and equipment task knowledge
which specialty training standard (sts) reference serves as a directive for comleting a task technical publications in the first column
which screen in the AFTR contains your basic info profile 1
which AFTR screen allows your supervisor to document recurring training 797
where will your supervisor document all of your ojt in the aftr form 1098
which document will your supervisor use to identify training for each individual in a duty section master task listing (mtl)
if the trainee meets all of the training goals what code will you use R
what will give your supervisor good insight on where you need training the most CerTest
what tool is available to help the training process for core tasks AFQTP
what is used to identify the af standardized method for performing tasks CerTest
what annual audit system was developed to ensure that the af environmental program is operating efficiently environmental compliance assesment and management program
an inspection team should complete ECAMP final reports within 180 external 120 internal
what act establishes a policy for protection maintenance and enhancement of the environment national environmental policy act
what provides you with an explanation of the physical data of the chemicals you work with MSDS
who must you notify if you have hazardous chemicals requiring msds local fire department
what form covers release and transfers of toxic chemicals to various facilities form R
which agency leads the nations environmental science and reasearch efforts EPA
how many years from the last day the employees worked must hazardous waste generators keep the training record three
the hazardous waste program consist of what two inspections scheduled and unscheduled
who signs the manifest that track off base hazardous waste shipment and recycling installation commander
what do you r customers measure the services you provide them against their own personal standards
having a relationship based on mutual trust rapport
what is gained by "doing the right thing doing it on time and doing it correctly positive image
what monitors BCE quality control evaluation program customer service
which af form do you use as an approval/disapproval document af 332
which af form is used for work that doesnt require detailed planning 1879
how often do shop supervisors produce RWP schedules using IWIMS weekly
what are the systematic procedures for any job or the sequences for work in order of performance job phases
what identifies the order which different sections will complete their portion of the project craft phases
what tracks how labor is spent each month LUC
what lUC identifies productive labor hours direct
which formula is used to get the total cost for a work order hourly rate * labor + material cost
which flight in CE has responsibility for reimbursements resources
what kind of responsibility does anyone posessing government property have and becomes personally responsible for the property custodial
what is a af 1297 temporary issue reciept hand receipt
how many days do you have to make a lump sum payment 30
what are two basic categories publications fall into directive and non-directive
which publications are directive and are orders of the secretary of the AF AFI
which series are CE including management of real property 32
which series covers civilian and military staffing 36
what does the short title search is for publicaton number
which agency uses standards and other publication that implement OSHA Dept of labor
which commercial publication provide the how to aspect technical
what are the manuals the AF develops or pays a contractor to develop COTS commercial of the shelf manuals
which military service develops technical manuals marines
which manual does multiple services use joint use manuals
which manual comes with locally procured equpiment items COTS
which manuals provide the instruction for designated field maintenance field maintenance instruction
which manual provides for major repairs overhaul instructions
what are two sources you can get engineer technical letters from (ETL) AFCESA and us army corps of engineers
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