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Med Law Unit 7

Race (Biologically) defines a group based on genetic characteristics
Culturally Sensitive Open to learning about different groups
Racism Believing in an inherent superiority of a particular race
Ethnocentrism Seeing one's own standards as superior to the culture of others
Multiculturalism Recognizing that society is pluralistic including dominant and sub groups
Culture A body of learned beliefs and guides for behavior shared by a particular group
Heterosexism Believing that heterosexuality has the right to dominance
Prejudice An attitude, opinion, or feeling formed without adequate knowledge or reason
Stereotype A generalized belief about members of a group
Sexism Believing one sex is superior to the other
Ethnicity Sharing a sense of identity with a particular group re
Diversity All ways that individuals are unique and differ from one another
Discrimination To treat differently on the basis of one's group membership
Paradigm Establish the rules for the way we see things
Bariatric Branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity
Cultural Competency Awareness of, acceptance of and respect for the differences of others
Primary Dimension Unchangeable personal traits
Secondary Dimension Personal traits that we have the power to change
Cross Cultural Dealing with or comparing two or more cultures
Accessibility The quality of being at hand when needed
Internalized oppression A subconscious belief in negative stereotypes
Cultural blindness Treating everyone the same-meets the needs of the dominant group only
Value-neutral Remaining unbiased regarding the decisions of our patients
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