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unit 2 Med Law

Accreditation official authorizaton or approval for conforming to a specified standard
Certification voluntary credentialing process giving applicants who meet specific requirements a certificate
qui tam "to bring an action for the king and for one's self"-individuals who use this law are called whistleblowers
Allopathic a medical philosophy; how MDs are trained
Federal False Claims Act federal law that allows individuals to bring civil actions on behalf of the US government for false claims made to the government
gatekeeper physician primary care MD-directs the medical care of the managed care health plan patient
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 HIPAA
health maintenance organization HMO
Healthcare Integrity & Protection Bank National healthcare fraud & abuse data collection-reporting actions taken against suppliers, practitioners, and other healthcare providers
Indemnity traditional form of health insurance that covers the insured against a potential loss of money from medical expenses
Individual (independent) Practice Association IPA
Licensure mandatory credentialing process established by state law; grants the right to practice certain skills and endeavors
Endorsement process by which a licensee may practice in another state-based on review of credentials judged to meet requirements of new state
managed care system in which financing, administration and healthcare delivery are combined to provide services to members for a prepaid fee
(PMPM) per member per month payment plan used by HMOs
medical practice acts state laws written to govern the practice of medicine; varies each state
medical boards set forth by medical practice acts; protects health, safety & welfare of healthcare consumers through licensing and regulation for MDs and other HCWs
Reciprocity process in which a professional license obtained in one state is accepted as valid by a new state by prior agreement without re-examination
Registration entry into an official record the names of persons in a certain occupation who have satisfied specific requirements
respondeat superior "let the master answer"
preferred provider organization PPO
Administer to instill a drug into the body/body part of a patient
Autopsy postmortem exam to determine cause of death or obtain physiologic evidence
Child Abuse Prevention Act federal law requiring MDs/DOs to report cases of abuse
Amendments to Older Americans Act federal act that defines elder abuse, neglect and exploitation; does not deal with enforcement
Controlled Substances Act federal law giving authority to DEA to regulate sale & use of drugs
Coroner public official
Dispense to deliver controlled substances to a patient
Drug Enforcement Administration DEA
Food & Drug Administration FDA
Forensics Branch of medicine using law and medicine to explain medical issues or medical proof at trials dealing with malpractice, crimes and accidents
medical examiner physician who investigates suspicious or unexplained deaths
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act created compensation program for those injured (death) following vaccines created after 1986
Prescribe to issue a medical prescription for a patient
Unborn Victims of Violence Act federal act that provides for prosecution of anyone who causes death or injury of fetus in utero
vital statistics records of significant events (births, deaths, etc) that occur in an individual's lifetime that affect public policy
Department Health & Human Services DHHS
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