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Med Law Unit 1B

Bioethicist specialist who consults with MDs & others to help with ethical decisions
Bioethics branch of medical ethics concerned with the morality of advanced technology and research
code of ethics principles intended to govern behavior of those providing care to the sick
Defendant accused person(s) being sued or prosecuted
Ethics standards based on what is morally right/wrong;differs person to person; are defined in our codes of ethics
ethics committees panel formed to review issues in difficult cases; comprised of healthcare workers, clergy, family members
Etiquette standards of behavior considered good manners among members of a profession as they function
Fraud misrepresentation designed to deceive or deprive another of his/her rights; ex
healthcare practitioners those trained to administer medical or health care to patients
Hippocratic Oath a pledge taken by MDs, by the works of Hippocrates 400 B.C.
Law rule or regulation recognized as binding and enforceable
Liable accountable under the law
Litigious prone to engage in lawsuits
moral values personal concept of right/wrong, formed through influence of family, culture, society
Plaintiff person(s)/group starting a law suit; those doing the suing
Precedent decisions made by judges in various courts that become rule of law and apply to future cases; known as case law
Protocol code prescribing correct behavior in specific situations
Summary judgment decision made by a court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial
Abortion expulsion of products of conception before viability; induced or naturally occuring
fetal tissue tissue from a nonviable fetus
genetic engineering the alteration, manipulation, replacement or repair of genetic material
Surrogate a woman who becomes pregnant and bears a child for another woman
Genetics the study of heredity
Heredity process by which organisms pass genetic traits to their offspring
Amniocentesis test to study amniotic fluid; may be to study genetics or find conditions that may lead to abnormal fetal development
genetic counselor expert in human genetics; counsels individuals who may have inherited genes for certain diseases
genetic discrimination differential treatment of individuals based on their actual or presumed genetic differences
Clone an organism grown asexually, usually from a single cell of the parent
Xenotransplantation transplanting animal tissues and organs into humans
stem cells early embryonic cells that have the potential to become any type of body cell
gene therapy treating harmful genetic disease or traits by eliminating or modifying the harmful DNA
in vitro fertilization fertilization that takes place outside a woman's body
artificial insemination mechanical injection of viable sperm into the vagina
homologous artificial insemination mechanical injection of viable sperm from a woman's husband into her vagina
heterologous artificial insemination mechanical injection of viable donor sperm into the vagina
parens patriae legal doctrine giving the state the authority to act in a child's best interest
safe haven laws state laws allowing a mother to abandon a newborn at a fire station, police station or hospital without legal proscecution or with reduced legal prosecution
mature minors persons in their mid- to late teens who, for healthcare purposes are considered capable of providing their own informed consent
emancipated minors minors who legally live outside of parents' or guardians' control
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