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Med Law unit 1A

Med Law unit 1

Leading Behaviors Working to achieve consensus and keeping the group on track
Challenging Behaviors Confronting another's view and asking others to support their own view
Information Seeking Behavior Inviting others to contribute and drawing the quiet members into the discussion
Interfering Behaviors Distracting others, fidgeting and making jokes
Withdrawing Behaviors Inattentive doodling, yawning, failing to participation
Advocating Behaviors Supporting another's position and encouraging others to adopt a view
Evaluating Behaviors Assessing the quality of the group's progress and noting whether the outcome meets the objective
Dominating Behaviors Taking power from others and interrupting, speaking loudly or talking over another
Reinforcing Behaviors Offering encouragement and giving recognition to others
Defensiveness Behavior Overreacting to another's challenge
Adjourning or Mourning or Disforming Stage Group stage where feeling of loss may occur as the group disbands
Attacking Behaviors Showing hostility toward another or belittling another
Mediating Behaviors Assisting with conflict resolution and showing a willingness to compromise
Summarizing Behaviors Restating ideas and reviewing the progress of the group
Definition of Group Process A series of changes occurring as a group becomes an effective operating unit
Definition of a Group Gathering of people working on a common project or goal
Forming Stage Group stage posing no conflict
Storming Stage Group stage where minimal listening occurs
Norming Stage Group stage where established work methods are coming together
Conforming or Performing Stage Group stage where free exchange takes place
Created by: skopetsky