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Respiratory through Reproductive

Name some age-related changes of the Respiratory System -tissues of lungs/bronchi become less elastic/more rigid -ribs less mobile -rigidity and stiffness of the tharacic cage due to osteoporosis/calcification of cartilage
Lung expansion and vital capacity are decreased due to... Weak muscles associated with respiration
Abnormal curve in the upper spine Kyphosis
Name a common respiratory condition in older adults COPD
What technique will assist to empty lungs of used air pursed-lip breathing
Assessment of Respirations for older adults... -depth, rate, rhythm of respiration -inspect chest shape -breath sounds -amount of activity one can tolerate -presence of cough
Interventions for Respirations for older adults... -liquefying secretions (intake of fluids/meds) -assisting removal of secretions by teaching coughing techniques and turning/deep breathing for improved airway clearance and gas exchange
Name some age-related changes of the Musculoskeletal System -gradual reduction in the number/size of active muscle fibers -decreased muscle tone, mass, and strength -joints become less elastic and flexible due to loss and calcification of cartilage
Narrowing of the invertebral spaces results in how much loss of height 1 1/2 to 3 inches
Noninflammatory disorder where the cartilage in the joints deteriorate and new bone forms on the surface Osteoarthritis
Another name for Osteoarthitis Degenerative joint disease
Assessment of the Musculoskeletal System for older adults... -assess joints (ROM), stiffness and limitation of movement, edema/erythema, pain and crepitus -assess standing and gait -assess state of muscles (weakness, tremors, ect.) -pain scale 0 to 10 -history of falls, injuries, surgeries
Name some age-related changes of the Endocrine System -Levels of hormones decrease -thyroid disturbances, especially hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus
Assessment of the Endocrine Sysytem for older adults... Assess laboratory results and report abnormal calcium, glucose, and thyroid hormone levels
Type 2 diabetes mellitus is... characterized as the body's inability to produce and utilize insulin appropriately
Percentage of adults with type 2 DM 85% to 90%
The presence of abnormal sensation, numbness,and burning sensations in the extremities Peripheral Neuropathy
How often would one inspect their feet for blisters, cuts, or infection Daily
Name two signs linked to hypothyroidism 1)chest pain 2)high triglycerides
Name some age-related changes of the Reproductive System -diminished levels of male and female hormones -diminished sexual function --men = erectile dysfunction --women = inability to procreate, tissue atrophy of ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vulva; decreased amount of vaginal secretions
What is the result of decreased vaginal secreations pH becomes more alkaline
Assessment of the Reproductive System for older adults... -assess history: experiences/difficulties as well as STD's -assess signs for ulceration, edema, or discharge -assess for lumps, dimpling, or drainage from breast -assess for information on alternative sexual orientation
To assist with vaginal dryness, use... estrogen creams or water-soluble lubricants
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