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CMS Sci Unit 1

Curtis MS Science Gr8, Unit 1 - Terms You Should Know

Dependent Variable The variable measured in an experiment. Posted on Y axis. Known as "Responding Variable" "DRY" = Dependent Responding on Y axis
Independent Variable Variable in an experiment you manipulate. Posted on the X axis. Known as "Manipulated Variable" "MIX" = Manipulated Independent Variable on X axis.
Bar Graph A graph comparing two or more items using vertical or horizontal bars.
Line Graph A graph using line segments to show changes occurring over time
Pie Graph A graph showing parts out of a whole or compares different categories in relation to the total. Often shows percents.
Observation The process of using one or more of your senses to gather information.
Inference A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
Hypothesis A statement based on evidence. Must be testable
Theory A scientifically acceptable (well -tested) principle offered to explain a broad range of observations
Waft The safe way to smell a chemical by moving the hand in a wave-like motion over a substance causing a breeze which carries a faint odor of the substance
Created by: rko.science