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online health 2/7

online health unit 2 topic 7

nutrition how the body uses nutrients. Good nutrition is crucial to achieving optimal health and overall wellness. There are seven basic rules for good ____________
the 7 basic rules for nutrition SFFFPAWS
several major influences on our eating CEE MAFFCH
three meals BLD
heart disease out of your control, such as age, gender, and heredity. However, there are steps that you can take now to help prevent heart disease.
Prevention of heart disease BENDSS
Weight management conscious effort to control your weight by understanding why you eat, when you eat, what you eat, and how your eating affects your body composition
Metabolism chemical reactions within the body that break down food and transform it into fuel for energy
•Basal metabolism rate (BMR) amount of energy that your body needs while you are resting, excluding energy to digest food. It consists mainly of the energy needed for breathing, blood circulation, and cellular activities._______ varies based on age, gender, size, and fitness.
energy balance equation total amount of caloric intake needed to maintain a specific weight and/or energy level. The total energy needed (TE) is equal to your basal metabolism (BMR) plus your digestion energy (DE) plus your daily activities energy (DAE).TE= BMR + DE + DAE
caloric intake (CI) equal to your total energy needed, you will maintain your weight
Weight maintained TE = CI
Weight loss TE > CI
Weight gain TE < CI
Created by: katcanny