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terminology 101 wk 3


Active Ingredient the chemical found in the medication known or believed to have a therapeutic effect
Admixture sunstance produced by mixing two or more substances
Aerosol medication dosage form that contains a gaseous sunstance consisting of fine liquid or solid particles
Capsule solid dosage from of medication usually made of gelatin, which holds fine particles of a solid or liquid
Chewable Tablet teblet that is to be chewed and not swallowed whole
Compound refers to substances made from a combiniation of two or more substances
Cream dosage from of medication that is a semisolid preparation, usually applied externally to soothe, lubricate, or protect
Effervescent Tablet tablet is dissolved into liquid be administration
Elixir liquid dosage from that contains flavored water and alcohol mixtures
Emulsion liquid dosage from of a mixture of two products that normally dont mix together
Inactive Ingredients remaining ingredients, other than the active ingredients, that are found in a drug; used to flavor, digest, color, and bind the whole substance
Liniment medications that are applied to the skin with friction and rubbing. can be solutions, suspensions, or emulsions
Lotion liquid dosage that contains a powdered sunstance in a suspension, used externally to soothe, cool, dry, and protect
Ointment semisolid (mixture of a solid and liquid) dosage form that is applied externally to deliver medication, lubricate, and protect
Patch dosage form in which the medication is delivered through a solid application applied to the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream
Solution liquid dosage form in which the medication is completely dissolved in a liquid
Suppository the administration through the vagina or rectum of a solid medication
Suspension liquid dosage form in which the solid particles are not completely dissolved
Syrup liquid that consists of water and sugar mixed with medication
Tablet solid dosage form in which the ingredients are compacted into a small, formed shape
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