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Study Group #1 Pharm

pharm for study group on monday

The cause of GERD is usually a loosening of the (blank) located between the esophagus and the stomach sphincter
In order to reduce gas bubbles that sometimes cause bloating and discomfort, (blank) is sometimes added to antacid preparations. simethicone
Antiemetics are drugs that treat what? nausea, vomiting
What drugs are prescribed to induce weight loss? anorexiants
diphenoxylate (Lomotil) is not likely to be abused for its opioid properties because it? contains atropine
The nurse would expect the patient to begin vomiting shortly after administering? syrup of ipecac
Some antacids are also marked as nutritional aupplements by claiming to provide daily amonuts of which mineral Calcium
patients receiving (blank) are prone to developing peptic ulcers. estrogens/progestens
Which of the following serves as a natural defense that helps neutralize stomach acid? bicarbonate ion
A patient is taking high doses of NSAIDs. What is the drug of choice to prevent peptic ulcers? Misoprostol (Cytotec)
Which of the following antacids combines antacids and H2-receptors into a single tablet? Pepcid Complete
A patient is taking sucralfate (Carafate) for a peptic ulcer. What is a major disadvantage of sucralfate? The medication needs to be taken four times a day.
A patient is suffering from constipation. What class of drugs can cause this? Opioids
Which group of people are more prone to laxative misuse? Elderly patients
A nurse is reviewing a patient's health history with you. She tells you that the patient has had a problem with emesis. You know this term to mean: vomiting
A patient is taking scopolamine (Hyocine). You know the patient might be suffering from: Motion sickness.
The nurse knows that which of the following are risk factors for peptic ulcer disorder? Excessive psychological stress, Blood group O, Smoking tobacco
(blank)is associated with 90% of all duodenal ulcers and 70% of all gastric ulcers. h. pylori
The nurse is answering a patient's questions regarding levothyroxine. She asks the nurse if there are any herbal supplements she should avoid. Which of the following is the correct response? You should use lemon balm cautiously.
Which of the following is a major difference between type I and type II diabetes? With proper diet and exercise, type II diabetes might not need drug therapy
A patient is taking hydrocortisone for replacement therapy. At what time should the patient take the medication? 6:00-9:00 AM
Which of the following is a good indicator that a patient's thyroid medication is working? Pulse rate
How long is the peak activity of a patient taking a short-acting insulin? 2-4 hours
A patient has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Which of the following medication should the patient be taking? Metoformin (Glucophage)
A patient whose body does not secrete somatotropin can develop which of the following? Dwarfism
The nurse is teaching a diabetic patient to be aware of symptoms of hunger, irritability, or sweating. These symptoms could indicate: Hypoglycemia.
A patient is concerned she might have diabetes. To which of the following symptoms should the nurse recommend she pay attention? increased thirst Excessive urination Fatigue
Type 2 diabetes mellitus begins in the middle-age group, and sometimes is referred to as? Age-onset diabetes
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