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Unit 15, 16, & 17

examination fo the body after death to determine cause of death autopsy
getting well or recovering after an illness or surgery convalescent
dead deceased
loss of the ability to use part or parts of the body in a normal way disability
intravenous iv
when a person becomes more helpless as a result of nursing care offered learned helplessness
approaching death; state of dying moribund
something attached to exisiting body part to assist in functioning orthotic
care of persons whose disease no longer responds to curative treatment palliative care
after death; such as care provided after someone dies postmortem
an artificial body part (ie leg, eye) prosthesis
paralysis of both upper and loewr parts of the body quadriplegia
rehabilitation- process by which people who have been disable are helped to recover as much as possible of their original ability for the activities of daily living rehab
the body and limbs becoming stiff after death occurs rigor mortis
Created by: Patterson5