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Unit 13

weakening in the wall of a blood vessel causing a bulge, perhaps breaking open. this is often the cause of a stroke aneurysm
unable to speak aphasic
central nervous system; made up of brain contained in cranial cavity and spinal cor withing vertebral canal CNS
the narrow outer end of the uterus; separates the uterus from the isvagina cervix
a state of deep unconsciousness coma
cerebrovascular accident; stroke CVA
muscular tube for passage of food; extends from the back of throat to the stomach esophagus
gall bladder gb
gastrointestinal; digestive system; made up of espohagus, stomach, and intestines GI
organ that removes fluid waste from the bloodstream and excretes it as urine kidney
multiple scleros ms
sticky substance secreted by the mucous membrane mucus
blockage of passageway such as the trachea or bowel obstruction
parkinsons disease pd
last 8-10 inches of the colon rectum
pouch below the penis that contains the testicles scrotum
tubes leading form kidneys to bladder ureters
tube from bladder to the outside of the body urethra
vagina birth canal leading from the labia to the cervix of the uterus
vulva external reproductive organs consisting of vaginal opening,labia, and clitoris
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