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Unit 10

anus-opening through which feces is excreted anal
catheter-tube into body cavity; such as the bladder cath
artificial opening made surgically to allow defecation from the abd wall colostome
of from the rectum instead
get small contract
to have a bm defecate
(1) resident leaving the facility (2) unusual discharge coming out of some part of the body discharge
accumulation of trapped air in the bowel distention
liquid injected into the rectum to wash out the contents of the rectum enema
eliminate or expel waste matter from the body excrete
cough up matter from the chest and spit it out expectorate
solid waste material excreted from the rectum and anus, ie stool bm or fecal matter feces
intestinal gas flatus
incont inability to control the bowel or bladder incontinence
involuntary; cannot control invol
rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the esophagus and intestines that pushes food along the digestive tract peristalsis
produce a special substance and expel it secrete
suppository; medication inserted into the rectum supp
sample of material taken from the residents body specimen
waste material coughed up from the lungs or trachea sputum
urinalysis-lab test of urine ua
urinary tract infection uti
to pass urine out of the body void
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