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Unit 9

before meals AC
loss of appetite anorexia
to draw fluid into lungs- usually resulting in coughing and respiratory distress aspirate
units for measuring the energy produced when food is oxidized by the body calories
cubic centimeter-measurement of fluid; also called ml or millileter cc
large bowel colon
less than normal amounts of body fluids behydration
abnormally frequent discharge of fluid fecal matter from the bowel diarrhea
process where food is broken down for use by the body digesition
abnormal swelling in a part of the body edema
very thin-wasting away of the body emaciated
vomit; throw up emesis
intake and output I&O
night time NOC
process of taking food into the body to maintain life nourishment
nil per os-nothing by mouth NPO
very fat obese
after meals PC
secretions from the mouth saliva
part of the digestive tract between the esophagus and the small intestine stomach
weight wt
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