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Unit 6

region of the body between the chest and the pelvis; abdomen abd
axillary; armpit ax
bowel movement bm
bathroom br
bathroom priviliges; able to get up and use the br brp
when the sin has a blue or gray color due to lack of oxygen in the blood cyanosis
bedsore; areas of skin broken and painful, usually cause of cont pressure decubitus
false teeth dentures
back or back part of an organ-posterior part dorsal
external reproductive organs genitalia
hour of sleep; the time a person goes to bed bs
lips of the vagina labia
cleanliness of the mouth oral hygiene
anything pertaining to the mouth oral
p (with a line over it) after
by mouth per os
the body between the thighs; includes genitals and rectal area perineum
q (with line over it) every
roller walker r/w
lying down recumbent
lying on one's back (dorsal recumbent) supine
evidence of disease, disorder, or condition symptom
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