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1. Most common reason for a newborn boy not to urinate during the first day of life. 2. Diagnostic workup 1. Posterior urethral valves 2. voiding cystourethrogram
Very severe testicular pain of sudden onset. 1. fever, swollen testicle 2. swollen, high riding testicle 1. epididymitis 2. torsion
1. What is the cause of recurrent UTI's in a child 2. Management 1. Vesicoureteral reflex and infection 2. empirical antibiotics, intravenous pyelogram and voiding cystogram
Adolescent female feels need to urinate, and voids at appropriate intervals but is wet with urine all the time. Low implantation of a ureter into the vagina. The other ureter has normal placement
Workup for hematuria. CT scan followed by cytoscopy
Management of a septic patient with nephrolithiasis. 1. IV antibiotics 2. decompression by ureteral stent or percutaneous nephrostomy
1. What are the two main causes of air coming out in the urine? 2. What tests are used for diagnosis? 1. diverticulitis or cancer causing a fistula between the sigmoid and dome of the bladder 2. CT scan first to rule out cancer followed later by sigmoidoscopic examination
Treatment for testicular torsion. bilateral orchiopexy
Treatment for painless testicular mass. Radical orchiectomy and sampling of inguinal lymph nodes
Which test is useful for detecting urinary system dilation (i.e. from obstruction). sonogram
What is a contraindication for intravenous pyelogram? creatinine >2
Renal mass differential diagnosis 1. renal cell carcinoma 2. simple cyst 3. oncocytoma 4. angiomyolipoma
What is the treatment of choice for superficial bladder cancer? intravesical BCG
What are the treatment options for bone metastases from prostate cancer? 1. androgen ablation 2. orchiectomy 3. luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists (flutamide)
1. What size ureteral stones usually pass spontaneously? 2. What management is given? 1. 3mm or less 2. analgesics and fluids
Which test is perform to evaluate suspected urethral injury? retrograde urethrogram
Patient being allowed to pass a ureteral stone suddenly develops chills, fever spike and flank pain. What is the management? immediate decompression with ureteral stent or percutaneous nephrostomy
Woman with multiple pregnancies leaks urine when laughing, sneezing or lifting heavy objects. Stress incontinence from weak pelvic floor



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