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Negative feedback on stomach secretion and motility as acid chyme reaches the duodenum results from the secretion into the bloodstream of: GIP
The _____ stimulates gastric secretion during the cephalic phase and as a result of physical contact in the stomach. Vagus nerve
Which of the following is/are true sphincters: pyloric sphincter leocecal sphincter
Three distinct layers of smooth muscle are found in the: stomach
The area of most abundant true goblet cells is: colon
Absorption of digestive endproducts occurs mostly in the: small intestine
The lining of the esophagus is: Stratified squamous epithelim
The _____ has Brunner's glands which secrete an acid-neutralizing mucus. duodenum
Movement of materials within the colon is due principally to: mass peristalsis
Peyer's patches are lymph nodules found mostly in the: ileum
Pepsinogen is secreted by: Chief cells located only in the stomach.
Which of the following inhibits stomach secretion and motility while simultaneously stimulating bile release, pancreatic enzyme release, and relaxation of the sphincter of Oddi. CCK
Because it has no goblet cells, the esophagus must rely on: Seromucous glands located in the esophageal submucosa.
Absorption of water occurs mostly in the: small intestine
In the hierarchy of enzyme function _____ must act before _____ can act. trypsin, aminopeptidase
Which of the following is a brush border enzyme? maltase
Without _____ the enzyme lipase could not function effectively. bile
In order to produce H+ in the stomach _____ is sent to the bloodstream and _____ is sent into the stomach. HCO3- and Cl-
Amino acids are absorbed into mucosal cells principally by: active co-transport
Three distinct bands of longitudinal smooth muscle are found in the: colon
If you see villi and goblet cells you are looking at the: Small intestine
The upper third of the esophagus has: Skeletal muscle only.
Positive feedback on stomach secretion and motility as acid chyme reaches the pylorus results from the secretion into the bloodstream of: gastrin
____ is/are responsible for emulsifying fats. bile salts
The pyloric sphincter is forcefully constricted and other stomach muscle inhibited by: enterogastric reflex
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