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Unit 5MedLawEthics

Unit 5

Entity is an existing or real thing
HIPPA Federal Law protectig privacy and other patient heatlh care rights
Subpoena duces tecum Legal document requiring the recipient to bring certain written records to court to be used as evidence in a lawsuit
Electronic transmissions sending of information from one network-connected computer to another
PHI Protected Heatlh Information; Information that contains one or more patient identifiers
AMA American Medical Association
Medical Record a collection of data recorded when a patient seeks medical treatment
POMR Problem Oriented Medical Record
SOAP Subjective information, Objective Information, Assessment (MD evaluation-or other licensed assessor), Plan
"the five C's of doctumentation" Concise, Complete and objective, Clear and legibly written,Correct, Chronologically ordered
Consent Permission from a patient, either expressed or implied, for something to be done by another
Informed Consent The patients right to recieve all information relative to his or her condition and then to make a decision regarding treatment based upon that knowledge
Mentally Incompetent Unable to fully understand all the terms and conditions of a transaction, and therefore unable to enter into a legal contract
Minor Anyone under the age of majority, 18 or 21
Invasion of privacy Intrusion into a person's seclusion or into his or her private affairs
Good Samaritan Acts State laws protecting physicians and sometimes other health care practitioners and laypersons from charges of negligence or abandonment if they stop to help the victim of an accident or other emergency
De-identify To remove all information that identifies patients from health care transactions
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