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Peds Development

Pediatric Development Milstones

0-1 Month Fine: Jerky, stiff arm move, fisted hand. Cog/Lang:Listen voice/smiles/cries Toys: mirrors,contrasting colors,rings,rattles,parents
2-3 Months Fine: Hands to midline & mouth to play,briefly holds object Cog/Lang: More smiles, regards faces Toys: mirrors,rings,rattles, tactile books,parents
4-6 Months Fine: Grasps objects w/1-2 hands, bring hands to mouth, hand w/more open resting tone Cog/Lang: Laughs/babbles, turns head to voice Toys: play 'gym',prop sitting items,large blocks, music
6-9 Months Fine: mature grasping pattern,voluntary release object, scoops object, reaches for objects w/1 arm in prone
10-12 Months Fine: Holds sippy cup w/handles, picks up tiny objects, pincer grasp, uses objects as tools Cog/Lang: patty-cake, bye-bye, fear of stranger, mama & dada Toys: up for standing/cruising, sing/play peek-a-boo, kitchen items
Early Childhood (1-5 years) dynamic balance, along w/independence
School Age (5-10 years) rapid increase in muscle growth, coordination & refining existing motor skills
12-24 Months Fine: holds crayon in fist w/thumb up, tripod grasp, builds 3 cube towers Gross: walks independently, walks backwards, stoops & recovers, up&down stairs creeping, kick/throws ball, attempts to jump
2-3 years Fine: crayon held w/fingers-makes circle & horizontal strokes, builds 8 cube tower, helps dress/undress Gross: walks up stairs alternating feet, jumps down, hops, jumps forward off floor, climbs tricycle
3-4 years Fine: Cuts w/scissors, puts shoes on, manipulates buttons Gross: jumps off floor w/both feet, jump over objects, run/gallop
12-24 Months Cog/Lang: understands & follows simple commands, pts to 3 body pts Toys: catch/throw, kick ball, push toys, stepping games, jumping
2-3 years Cog/Lang: States name, list of vocab words, knows some colors, short sent Toys: manipulative beads, puzzles.., obstacle courses, trikes, dress-up/pretend play
3-4 years Cog/Lang: speech clear, knows 1st & last name, begins to recognize ABCs Toys: obstacle courses,scooters, dressup/pretend play
4-5 years Fine: ties shoes, brushes hair, combs teeth, small buttons, tracing Gross: galloping, begin skip,hops on one foot, walks on tip-toes
4-5 years Cog/Lang: knows address, alphabet, numbers, speaks full sentences, begin write name & read Toys: bikes, simon says, kickball, hopping, balance, skipping
5-8 years Fine: printing name, letters, shapes & numbers, cuts food w/knife & fork Gross: skipping alternating feet, jump rope, catches small ball
5-8 years Cog/Lang: reading/writing, addition/subtraction, spelling Toys: bikes,coordination activities; jump rope, hop scotch, rocker board, therapy ball.
Adolescence (10-19) motor skills are refined & usually considered mature by age 12 achieved 90% of mobility & reaction time of an adult by age 12 Previously acquired skills improve qualitatively
Created by: jklincoln
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