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Capsular Ptrns (All)

Capsular Patterns

Glenohumeral ER>ABD>FLEX>IR
Elbow (Humeroulnar & Humeroradial) FLEX>EXT
Radio-ulnar pronation=supination
wrist flexion=extension
interphalangeal FLEX>EXT
Ankle (Talocrural) PF > DF
occiputoatlantal fwd bending > bckw bending
Atlantoaxial rotation restricted
Temporomandibular Limitation of mouth opening
Sternoclavicular & Acromioclavicular full elevation limited, pain at extreme ranges
Midcarpal Equal restricted in all directions
Trapeziometacarpal ABD > EXT
Carpometacarpals II-V Equal restricted in all directions
Thoracic Limit in Side Bend & Rot > Loss of Ext > Flex
Lumbar Spine Marked and equal limit of sidebending - Ext > Flex
Lower Cervical (C3 - T2) Sidebend + Rotation > Backward bending:; All limited except Flex
SIJ, Symphis Pubis, Sacrococcygeal Pain when joints are stressed
Tibiofibular Pain when joint is stressed
Talocalcaneal (Subtalar) Inv > Ever (increased limitation of varus, joint fixed in valgus)
Midtarsal Supination > Pronation
Toes IP tend towards EXT restrictions
1st Metatarsophalangeal marked limit of ext, slight limit of flex
Metatarsophalangeal II - V variable, tend toward flex restrictions
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