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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
PT Stretching & ROM Physical Therapy Stretching & ROM Physical Therapy 2021-08-15 jklincoln 29 3 edit
PT ROM & Flexibility Physical Therapy ROM & Flexbility Physical Therapy 2021-08-15 jklincoln 36 3 edit
PT Strength Physical Therapy Strength Physical Therapy 2021-08-15 jklincoln 42 2 edit
Neoplasm Objectives Neoplasm for Pathophysiology Physical Therapy 2012-05-17 jklincoln 59 0 edit
Neoplasm key terms Neoplasm for Pathophysiology Physical Therapy 2012-05-18 jklincoln 29 0 edit
Shoulder Tests Shoulder,Elbow,Wrist & Hand Testing Physical Therapy 2014-03-22 jklincoln 15 3 edit
Vocab for Patho PTA Vocab Physical Therapy 2014-03-22 jklincoln 40 1 edit
Laser Therapy Modalities Physical Therapy 2017-07-01 jklincoln 29 1 edit
Peds Primitive Refle Pediatric Primitive Reflex Physical Therapy 2012-07-23 jklincoln 20 0 edit
Peds Righting React Pediatric Righting Reaction Physical Therapy 2012-07-23 jklincoln 5 1 edit
Peds Equil/Protect Pediatric Equilibrium/Protective Reactions Physical Therapy 2012-07-23 jklincoln 6 0 edit
Peds Development Pediatric Development Milstones Physical Therapy 2015-02-14 jklincoln 18 2 edit
Peds Gait Pediatric Gate Physical Therapy 2012-07-23 jklincoln 19 0 edit
Therex Skills Therapeutic Skills & Exercise II Physical Therapy 2012-07-26 jklincoln 52 0 edit
Cranial Nerves PT Therex Cranial Nerves Physical Therapy 2014-03-22 jklincoln 12 1 edit
PT Motor Learning PT Motor Learning - Practice Context Physical Therapy 2012-07-27 jklincoln 5 1 edit
Pediatric Stand Test Pediatric Standarized Tests Physical Therapy 2015-02-14 jklincoln 49 1 edit
Peds Disorder-CP Cerebral Palsy Physical Therapy 2012-07-28 jklincoln 32 1 edit
Peds Disorder-SB Spina Bifida (Myelodysplasia) Physical Therapy 2012-07-28 jklincoln 31 0 edit
Peds Disorders2 Mental/FAS/Prader/Down Syndrome/CF Physical Therapy 2012-07-28 jklincoln 23 1 edit
Peds Disorder-MD Muscular Dystrophy Physical Therapy 2012-07-29 jklincoln 20 0 edit
Peds Disorders3 DCD, Plagiocephaly, Torticollis, BPI, DDH, Club Foot, Osteogenesis Imperfecta Physical Therapy 2012-07-29 jklincoln 38 0 edit
PTA Pharmacy Medications seen during PT Physical Therapy 2019-10-04 jklincoln 100 2 edit

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