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The Heartt


Hemorrhage results in an increased heart rate through the: baroreceptor reflex
The second heart sound occurs as a result of valve closure due to: ventricular relaxation
The term __________ refers to a heart valve which is stiffened and narrowed. stenosis
The vagus has effects on: The SA and AV nodes only
In a healthy heart an increase in myocardial stretch will result in __________ force of ventricular contraction. increased
The fastest autorhythmicity in the heart is located in the: SA node
An increase in the threshold of the hearts myogenic cells will: decrease the rate of autorhythmicity
The absence of a P wave in the ECG indicates damage in: The atrial muscle or SA node
There are ____ syncytia in the heart. Two, the atrial muscle and the ventricular muscle
Most ventricular filling occurs during: Quiescent period
As a result of exercise the cardiac center receives input from the: The hypothalamus
The principal cause of increased EDV is: increased venous return
The .1 second delay inherent in the conduction pathway occurs in the: AV node
Which valve closes to produce the first heart sound. Both AV valves
The _____ fill with blood and prevent backflow into the atria when the right ventricle contracts. tricuspid valve
The _____ is an ear-like flap whose cavity is continuous with that of the atrium auricle
The specialized muscles which line the ventricles and carry the Purkinje fibers to the ventricular myocardium are called: trabeculae
The coronary arteries arise from an area __________. Located behind the aortic semilunar valves.
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