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BVT Integumentary

Cutaneo skin
Ous pertaining to
Lipo fat
Cytes cells
Dermato skin
Ologist specialist
Plasty surgical repair
Sebo sebum
Rrhea flow or discharge
An without
Hidro sweat
Osis abnormal condition
Hyper excessive
Dia through or complete
Phoro movement
Esis abnormal condition
Folliculo hair follicle
Itis inflammation of
Hirsuto hairy
Ism condition
Alopeco baldness
Ia condition
Koilo hollow or concave
Onycho fingernail or toenail
Crypto hidden
Myco fungus
Phagia eating or swallowing
Paro near
Albino white
Melano black
Ion condition
Contuso bruise
Purpuro purple
A noun ending
Ecchymo pouring out of juice
Hemato blood
Oma tumor
Hemangio blood vessels
Prurito itching
Us singular noun ending
Erythemo flushed
Erythro red
Pyo pus
Dermo skin
Ichthy dry or scaly
Lipo fat
Edema swelling
Rhino nose
Phyma growth
Sclero hard
Urtico rash
Aria connected with
Xero dry
Pity brainlike or referring to brain-like scales
Iasis disease
Pediculo lice
Granulo granular
Kelo growth or tumor
Oid resembling
Kerato hard or horny or cornea of eye
Papillo resembling a tumor
Bi pertaining to life
Opsy view of
Trans across or through
Blepharo eyelid
Plasty surgical repair
Ectomy surgical removal
Rhytido wrinkle
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