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Rad physic U1 & HM

Anything that occupies space and has mass Matter
the quantity of matter decrbed by its energy equivalence (gravity) Mass
The ability to do work or physically influence surrounding because of postion, chemical state, or nucleur state energy
the ability to do work by virtue of its position potential energy
energy in motion kinetic energy
the energy released by a chemical reaction chemical energy
represents work that can be done when an electron moves through a circuit electrical energy
The energy of motion at the atomic and molecular level thermal energy
the energy that contained in the nucleus of an atom Nuclear energy
the energy contained in x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves and ultraviolet, infrared and visible light electromagnetic energy
Give an example of potential energy rock resting on the edge of cliff
give an example of kinetic energy the rock being pushed off the cliff
Give an example of thermal energy Heat
What is it called when a patient recieves radiation they are said to be irradiated
Radiation which can ionize an atom ionizing radiation
what are the two main catergories of ionizing radiation natural enviromental and man-made
what is the difference in natural enviromental and man-made radiation natural comes from the earth such as cosmic rays, terrestrial radiation,radionuclides, and radon: man-made consumer products, x-rays, nuclear fallouts and power plants that man has made
What are the 3 components of natural enviromential radiation csmic rays, terrestrial radiation, internally deposited radionuclides
What is the largest source of natural enviromental radiation Radon
Where does radon come from the decay of urnium and emits alpha particles
What is the largest man-made source of radiation medical/diagnostic x-rays
who discovered x-rays and when? Wilhelm Roentgen on November 8, 1895
Who won the first Nobel Peace Prize and for what Wilhelm Roentgen for physics
What kind of x-ray tube was used to discover x-rays Crookes Tube it caused screens to glow --Fluoresence
What type of x-ray tube is used today Coolidge Tube
What are the two general types of x-ray examinations Radiography and fluoroscopy
What is the difference between the static and dynamic procedures static is radiography(x-rays) and fluoroscopy is and dynamic examine (contast that shows the way your body takes things in is an example)
Who invented fluoroscopy and intensifying screens Thomas Edison
When were x-rays first used in military combat by the U.S> Spanish-American war of 1898 and was used to locate bullets
Who discovered Uranium Henri becquerel in 1896
Who recieved the first know instance of biological effect as a result of Uranium Herni Becquerel was the first known correlation of radiation to biological damage
Discovered the radioactive elements called polonium and radiun Marie curie called it radioactivity and started radiation theraphy
What were some early biological damages prduced by radiation Watch dial painters developed osteoscarcoma and testing accidents in the Pacific and nevada during World War II
Whao was the founder of Radiologic Technology (ASRT) Eddy Jerman
What are the Ten Commandments of Radiation Protection 3 cardinal rules, Familiarity,primary beam, Protective appareal, radiation monitor, never hold patient,when holdin patient wear protective gear, sheilding, pregnant women,Collimate
What are the 3 cardinal rules Time--keep exposure to a minimum, Distance--stand as far back as possible, Shielding--Always shoeld the patient when doing so will not interfere with the objectives of thw examination and always shield yourself
What does ALARA stand for As Low As Reasonably Achievable
What are some primary radiation protective devices Flitration, Collimation, Intensifying Screens, Protective Appareal, Gonadal Shielding, Protective barriers
Whay are metal filters placed in the primary beam to filter out weak harmful x-rays for the patient protection and they reduse skin dosage
Why is collimation used during x-ray examines to restrict the primary beam which increases the patient protection from scatter radiation and also improves quality images
how much of the density on an x-ray film image is due to the light of the intensifying screens 95%
Give an example of protective apparel Lead impregnated materials such as gloves and aprons
Why are gonadal shields used to protect a patient of childbearing age
Why are protective barriers used to protect the personnel and those who are in the adjacent room
Where is the control console located in the control booth and radiation scatters twice before entering
When should you aviod examines on a pregnant women At all times if possible, especially during the first trimester
Name 5 clinical skills required for examines by ARRT Confirm patient, explain and confirm examine, provide patient safety....,explain procedure, examine radiographic requistions to verify accuarcy and completeness of information
Name 5 Personal Skills required for examines by ARRT Instructions to patient, Position Patient, Prepare patient, Confirm patient identity, observe patient and monitor vital signs
what was the device with which Roentgen discovered x-rays Crookers tube
The phospher that Roentgen used in early experiments with x-rays was Barium platocyanide
How are x-ray tube voltage measured kilovolt
Which of the early pioneers developed the fluroscope Thomas edison
Who first applied x-ray beam collimation and filtration in medical imaging William Rollins
What is the x-ray tube we use today Coolidge tube
The bucky grid, which was introduced in 1921 does what improves image content
Who was the first american to die because of x-ray exposure Clarece daily
What is a way to describe the coolidge tube it is a heated cathode
Roentgen orginally identified x-rays as which is x-light
What are the two simple , general types of x-ray imaging procedures Radiographic and Fluoroscopic
which of the following provides dynamic x-ray images Fluoroscopy
The film base for a radiograph made in 1920 would have been made of what cellulose nitrate
Collimation and filtration do what reduce patient dose
what image modality was developed most recently multislice spinal CT
What radiation reponses was not imported before 1910 Aplastic anemia
Which of the following items is considered to be matter wet snow
What is the principle difference between mass and weight mass is the equivalance of energy and weight is the force exerted by gravity
Energy is defined as ability to do work
What example best repesents enerhy A thrown snow ball
what is an example of potiental energy a mobile x-ray imaging system in motion
In Einsteins famous E=mc squared squation, c stands for what speed of light
Radiation is energy transfered
The roentgen relates to Ions produced in air
What is an example of electromagnetic radiation Visible light
When ionization occurs what is true The positive ion is the resulting atom
x-rays are most like Gamma rays
What is the largest source of human exposure to man made radiation medical diagnostic x-rays
What is the approximate annual effective dose from natural enviromental radiation at sea level 100 mrem/yr(5mSv/yr)
What results in the highest annual dose diagnostic x-rays
The rad is related most closely to what the gray
What is ionizing electromagnetic radiation gamma rays
what is a unit of mass kilogram
one of the cardinal principles of radiation protection states that the radiographic technologist should minimze what time
What is not included in basic radiation control principles of diagnostic radiology use high-mA technique
If it is necessary to minimize a patient during a radiologic examination the most acceptable person to do this 50 year old female friend of the patient
What is correctly stated about diagnostic radiology Radiographic intensifying screens reduce patient dose
What will reduce personal exposure the most use of protective barriers for radiologic technologist
When abdominal radiology is conducted on a child what is true the parent should hold the child if necessary and protective appareal should be provided
All except what will help reduce patient dose grid
After termination of an x-ray exposure no more x-rays are emitted
During fluroscopy what should the technologist do wear prtective appareal
The main reason for filtering the x-ray beam is to reduce patient dose
What represents implementation of radiation protective procedure aviod repeat examinations
What is an example of an x-ray beam collimator Positive beam limitation
x-ray examination of the pelvis of a womens reproductive capacity should be limited to what As much as possible
What is trueregrading the discovery of ionizing radiation Radioactivity was discovered within a year of Roentgens discovery
Generally, x-ray examinations are reserved for who x-ray personnel
Gonad shields should be used when the gonads are in or near the useful beam
What is a principle reason to aviod repeat examinations the patient recieves twice the radiation dose
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