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101 terminology wk 1

Buccal Tablet tablet that is to be dissolved in the lining of the cheek instead of being swallowed whole
Enema a medicated fluid is injected into the rectum, or an aqueous solutions is administered rectally to empty bowel, to treat infections and diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract
Sublingual Tablet tablet to be dissolved under the tongue instead of being swallowed whole
Transdermal medication through the skin (e.g. patches)
Vaginally a solid or liquid medication through the vagina
Intradermal medication injected into the skin
Intramuscular medication into the muscle
Intranasal medication being inhaled through the nose and then being absorbed into the blood stream
Topical substance used externally for relief of swelling, itching, or infections
Intravenous medication within or into the vein
Opthlamic medication through the eye
Oral medication through the mouth
Otic medication through the ear
Parenteral administration by injection by any route other than the mouth
Rectally administration of a solid or liquid medication given through the rectum
Subcutaneous medication given under the skin
Infusion process of a slow injection of solution or emulsion into the vein or subcutaneous tissue
Intrarticular method of injection into the joints
Intracardiac medication injected into the heart
Intrathecal medication injected into the space surrounding the spinal cord
Inhalation medication directly into the lungs by the mouth or nose
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