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OSPF & ISIS Fundamentals & BGP Overview

OSPF routers elect one special router and a backup one known as? Designated Router (DR) Designated Backup Router (DBR)
What two Link State Advertisements are limited to flooding within the originating area? LSA 1 - Router LSA LSA 2 - Network LSA Both limited to flooding within the origination area.
What two LSA's can flood to external areas? LSA 3 - Network Summary LSA --Sent by Area Border Router to single attached area LSA 4 - ASBR Summary LSA --Sent by Autonomous System Border Router. Advertises exit point of the areas to external areas. Only sent between other ASBRs.
What LSA injects prefixes originated from other routing protocols into the OSPF domain? LSA 5 - External LSA --Originated by ASBR. Flooded to all areas and all internal routers. Advertise a destination external to the OSPF.
What is IP Prefix Redistribution? Process of inserting routing information into a protocol from outside?
How do ISIS routers routing information? LSPs = Link State PDUs
When do routers move from Neighbors to being Adjacent? Once both LSDs (Link State Databases) are synchronized and identical then the routers become adjacent.
What special address is used by ISIS systems? Two general divisions? NSAP - Network Service Access Protocol 1) IDP = Initial Domain Part 2) DSP = Domain Specific Part
3 Parts of simplified NSAP Address? Area ID - Identifies area that IS belongs to SysID = Identifies IS System itself NSEL = NSAP Selector = Similar to TCP/UDP Port #
What is BGP? An inter-Autonomous System routing protocol
When is i-BGP applicable? When BGP is used to connect other BGP routers within the same autonomous system. If BGP routers are in different systems, e-BGP is used.
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