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Caesar DBG Bk I ch 7

Caesar De Bello Gallico Book I ch 7 vocab

concedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum yield, grant a thing
contendo, -ere, -tendi, tentum strive to get to a place, to go, march, or journey hastily to
delibero, -are weigh carefully, consult, consider
existimo, -are to judge, consider, suppose, think
facultas , -atis f. opportunity, power, means
intercedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum intervene, pass (of time)
iter, itineris, n. a going to a distant place, a journey, a march; a journey, a march, considered as a measure of distance; iter unius diei, a day's journey; quam maximis itineribus potest, 'by making each day's journey as long as possible', i. e. forced marches
iugum, -i n. yoke
legatio, -onis f. delegated authority; an embassy, legation
legio, onis, f. a legion.
maleficium, -ii n. wrongdoing, damage
maturo, -are to make haste or hasten to do a thing
occido, -ere, -cidi, -cisum kill
pello, -ere, pepuli, pulsum to drive back, rout (the enemy)
princeps, -ipis adj., taking the first place; chief, most prominent, first; as a noun, chief or principal person, leader, chief.
rescindo, -ere, -scidi, -scissum tear back, tear away again, cut away
spatium, -ii, n. a space of time, interval, period
sumo, -ere, sumpsi, sumptum take
tempero, -are to moderate or restrain one's self; to forbear, abstain
ulterior, -ius farther, on the farther side, that is beyond
voluntas, -tatis f. will; ad voluntatem, de, ex voluntate or just voluntate, according to the will, with the consent, at the d
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