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Caesar DBG Bk I ch 6

Caesar De Bello Galilco Book I ch 6 vocab

Allobroges, -um, m. pl. the Allobroges, a Celtic tribe of ancient Gaul, located between the Rhône River and Lake Geneva
duco, -ere, duxi, ductum draw
existimo, -are judge a thing according to its value; form a judgment; consider, regard
expedite adv., without impediment, without difficulty
fines, -ium f. pl. borders, and hence territory, land, country enclosed within boundaries
Genava, -ae f. Genava, a city of the Allobroges, now Geneva
Helvetii, -orum m. the Helvetii or Helvetians.
impendeo, ere to hang over any thing, to overhang
Iura, -ae, f. the Jura mountains, a small mountain range north of the Alps.
Kalendae, -arum f. the Calends, the first day of the Roman month
omnino adv., altogether, entirely, wholly
paco, -are pacify, make peaceful
perpauci, -ae, -a very few
pertineo, -ere, -ui, to stretch out, reach, extend to a place
Rhodanus, -i m. the river Rhodanus, the Rhone
Sequani, -orum the Sequani, a Gallic people who occupied the upper river basin of the Arar (Saône), the valley of the Doubs and the Jura Mountains.
singuli, -ae, -a single, separate, inividual
transeo, -ire, -ivi or -ii, -itum go over, cross, pass over
vadum, i, n. a shallow, ford
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