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School Nurse Certification

What is the cause of Gigantisim or acromegaly? Occurs in adulty with hypersecretion of growth hormone that occurs after the epiphysis closes.
What are some symptoms of Acromegaly? Enlargenment of the hands, feet, nose, toungue and jaw. Thickening of the skin. Elongation and enlargement of long bones, facial bones.
What is an intervention for a child with Acromegaly? Provide support to assist the child to adjust.
How is a diagnosis made of Diabetes type I? Two fasting plasma glucose levels >/= 126.
What is the goal A1c in a child with Diabetes? <7.5
If a child is having a hypoglycemic reaction and is unconscious what is the procedure for giving glucogon? Glucogon powder must be mixed with dilutants immediatly before use and administered into a large muscle. Give 1/2 ml for a child weighing less than 44lbs. Turn child onto their side after because it may cause vomiting.
Created by: kelacsu