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Caesar DBG Bk 1 ch 3

Caesar De Bello Gallico Book 1 ch 3 vocab

acceptus, -a, -um welcome, pleasant, agreeable
adduco,-ere, -xi, -ctum prompt, induce, prevail upon, persuade, move, incite
Aeduus, -a, -um of the Aedui, one of the most powerful of the Gallic tribes
biennium, -i n. two years
Casticus, -i m. a Gallic chieftain
Catamantaloedis, -is m. a Gallic chieftain, father of Casticus
coemo, -ere, -emi, -emptum buy up
comparo, -are prepare, get ready
concilio, -are to procure, provide, prepare, produce something for one
conficio, -ere, -feci, -fectum bring about, accomplish, finish
constituo, -ere, -ui, -utum decide
deligo, -ere, -legi, -lectum choose, select
Diviciacus, -i m. a chief of the Aedui, friendly to the Romans
dubium, -i, n. doubt
duco, -ere, duxi, ductum judge, consider
Dumnorix, -igis m. Dumnorix, a Aeduan chieftan, brother of Diviacus
iumentum, -i n. beast of burden
ius iurandum an oath
occupo, -are take possession of, seize
permoveo, -─ôre, -movi, -motum to stir up, rouse up, excite; to influence, move
pertineo, -ere, -ui relate, pertain
plebs, plebis f. the people, common people, the masses
principatus, us, m. the chief place in the state or the army, the post of commander-in-chief
probo, -are, -avi, -atum to make acceptable, to recommend; aliquid alicui, to convince one of any thing
profectio, -onis f. departure
proficiscor, -ficisci, -fectus sum set out, depart
quin (after words expressing doubt, ignorance, etc.) 'that'
regnum, -i, n. rule, authority, power
sementis, -is f. a sowing, planting
suppeto, -ere, -ivi or ii, -itum be at hand; suffice
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