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Psycology Ch 3

deffinitions for chapter three

Word Deffinition
glia cells support cells for the neurons. supply nutrients, remove waste products, and help insulate the neuron
neuron individual cells in your brain and nervous system that receive, integrate, and transmit
censory or afferent receive info from senses, carry it to the brain
motor or efferent go to skeletal muscle
soma body of a cell
dendrites branches that pick uup info and send it to the soma
axon fiber which the info is sent from one neuron to another
myelin sheath covers the axon
three most common ions that charge some are? Sodium, Chloride, Potassium
action potential firing of a neuron
neural threshold the minimum amount of stimuli required to fire a neuron
absolute refractory period the minimum time it takes to recharge a neuron so it can fire again.
ED50 Effective dosage at 50%
LD50 lethal dosage at fifty percent
agonist ingested chemicals that mimic the action of a neuro transmitter (Stimulates)
antagonist ingested chemicals that oppose the firing (ex alcohol)
corpus callosum C- shaped peice of tissue that lies between your two brain hemispheres that transmits info from one hemisphere to another
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