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Pimsleur Level 1-3

tài duō qián le it's too much money
shì bú shì gěi wǒ de? is it for me?
shì gěi wǒ de ma? is it for me?
tài duō le it's too much
qǐng huí dá wèn tǐ please answer the questions
qǐng huí dá wǒ de wèn tǐ please answer my questions
nǐ yǒu qián gěi wǒ ma? / nǐ yǒu méi qián gěi wǒ? do you have money for me? (omit the de from gei wǒ de)
nǐ qián gòu ma? / nǐ qián gòu bu gòu? do you have enough money?
wǒ gòu le I have enough
wǒ qián gòu le I have enough money
wǒ bú gòu I don't have enough
wǒ qián bú gòu I don't have enough money
zú gòu de enough (sufficient)
nǐ yǒu zú gòu de qián géi wǒ ma? do you have enough money for me?
tài guì le it's too expensive
bú tài guì it isn't too expensive
nǐ shuō dé tài kuài le! you speak too quickly!
nǐ yǒu méi yǒu xiǎng wǒ did you miss me
nǐ you méi yǒu (do sth)? did u (do sth) or not
bĭjiào guì it's more expensive
máfán nĭ Please (bother you)
máfán nǐ gei wǒ yì bēi shuǐ
zài zhèr bǐ jiào guì
qĭng jìn please come in
HuàShéngDùn Washington
Qǐng please (when making an offer / inviting someone to do something)
Máfán please ( bother/when asking for something)
wǒ de xiān sheng hé wǒ my husband and I
tā zài nàr ma? is he there?
nǐ men zhù zài Měi Guǒ nǎr? where do you live in America?
wǒ men zhù zài Huá Shèng Dùn we live in Washington
nǐ gēn nǐ de tài tài zài yìqǐ ma? shì. you and your wife located (live) together? yes we are.
wǒ de tài tài hé wǒ zhù zài zhèr me and my wife live here (tài tài comes before wǒ) (use gēn with zai
wǒ bù zhí dào tā zài nǎr I don't know where he is
nǐ xiǎng gēn wǒ yìqǐ hé yì diǎnr dōng xi ma? would you like to drink with me?
tā gēn nǐ zài yìqǐ ma? is she with you? (use gēn with zai
Xiăoháir children
nǐ yǒu xiǎo háir ma? / nǐ you méi yǒu xiao hair? do you have children
wǒ men yǒu xiǎo hair we have children
jǐ ge? how many? (for size of group of ppl)
dà le grown up
nǐ de ér zi hěn dà le ma? is your son grown up (mature)?
ér zi bú shì hěn dà the son is not very big
Ò oh!
Xiăo young(er)
dĕng yíhuìr wait one moment
Cèsuŏjiān W.C.
Xíshǒujiān Bathroom (hand wash room)
Jiārén family
nǐ kěyǐ deng yí huǐr ma? can you wait a moment? (odd tones)
zài tīng yí cì listen once again
dà ér zi the older son
xiǎo nǔ ér the younger daughter
tā zhēn dé hěn xiǎo he is really very young
dà ér zi gēn wǒ men zài yìqǐ the older son is with us
dà ér zi gēn wǒ men zài zhèr the older son is here with us (drop the yìqǐ)
nǐ men de jiā yǒu duō shǎo rén? how big is your family? (how many people)
nǐ men de jiā rén hěn duō your family is big (has many people)
nǐ men de jiā rén zhēn de hěn duō your family is really big
qǐng (nǐ) zài shuō yí biàn please could you repeat that?
wǒ méi tīng dǒng I don't understand (what you specifically just said)
wǒ tīng bù dǒng I don't understand (what is generally being said / the language)
Jiālĭ family
Xiānggăng Hong Kong
Fēijī airplane
Zuò to sit
Fēijīchăng airport
Qiān one thousand
Xiăoshí . hour
Wèn ask
zài wèn yí cì ask it again
shì shì shuō try to say
wéi dá answer
nǐ jiā lǐ yǒu jǐ ge rén? how many people are there in (inside) your family? (don't use 'wǒ de' with 'li')
wǒ jiā lí yǒu sì ge rén my family has four people (in it) (don't use 'wǒ de')
wǒ men míng tiān yào qù xiǎng gang. my family is going to go to Hong Kong tomorrow
zuò fēi jī qù to take a plane (to)
nǐ men yào zuò fēi jī qù ma? are you going to take a plane?
nǐ men yào bú yào zuò féi jí qù? are you going to take a plane?
wǒ men xiǎng zuò fēi jī qù Xiǎng Gang we would like to take a plane to Hong Kong
fēi jī chǎng zài nǎr? where is the airport?
liǎng qiān RMB two thousand RMB
er / liang bai san (you can say both). 230
jǐ ge xiǎo shí how many hours?
yào jǐ ge xiǎo shí. how many hours will it be?
sān ge xiǎo shí. 3 hours
Created by: emilyshih