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Pimsleur Level 1-2

bú hăo. not OK (more general than bu xing - not good for any reason)
Dōngxi something / thing / anything
Wǒ bu xiǎng hē dōng xi I don't want to drink anything
Yào going to
wŏ [a] as for me
nǐ yào xiàn zài chī ma? are you going to eat now?
shì (you use shi / bu shi as answers to yào questions when it means 'going to')
nǐ xiǎng liǎng diǎn zhōng gēn wǒ yì qǐ chī wǔ fàn ma? would you like to have lunch with me at two o clock?
guò yí huìr hǎo ma?
Name in that case / then
ba let's say / how about
nà me jiǔ diǎn zhōng ba? in that case
Jīntiān today
Wănshàng in the evening
Wănfàn diner
Míngtiān tomorrow
Jiàn to meet
bù hǎo liù diǎn zhōng huò zhě qī diǎn zhōng
Duōshăo how much
Qián money
Rénmínbì Renminbi
Kuài unit of money (can be RMB / dollars / other)
qǐng tīng please listen
zài tīng yí cì listen again / listen once more
qǐng gēn zhe shuō please repeat
nǐ jīn tiān wǎn shàng xiǎng zuò shén me what do you want to do this evening (note time comes before the verb xiǎng this time
Mĕijīn American dollars
nĭ yŏu méiyŏu? do you have?
méiyŏu. don't have
Jiā plus
ne (sounds like no here you are
wǒ yǒu shí wǔ kuài měi jīn I have 15 American dollars
nǐ yǒu méi yǒu shí wǔ kuài rén mín bì? do you have 15 rmb?
nǐ xiǎng bù xiǎng chī yì diǎnr dōng xi (alternative way to say) would you like to eat something?
shì bú shì sān kuài? is it 3 kuai?
nǐ yǒu méi yǒu měi jīn? do you have any dollars?
wǒ méi yǒu měi jīn i don't have any dollars
wǒ yǒu yì diǎnr měi jīn i have a few american dollars
wǒ yǒu hěn duō měi jīn i have lots of american dollars
wǒ yǒu shí qī kuài měi jīn i have 17 american dollars
bú shì hěn duō it's not very much
shì bú shì zài nar3? is it over there?
...hái shì zài zhèr? ...or is it here?
bú kè qì don't mention it
yíhuìr jiàn see you later
gĕi nĭde for you
Kĕyĭ to be able
nĭ kĕ bù kĕyĭ can you?
nǐ shuō shén me? what did you say?
bú shì hén duō it's not very much
chá shì gěi nǐ de the tea is for you
yì bēi pí jiǔ duō shǎo qián? how much is one beer?
yí kuài rén mín bì yì bēi
nǐ kě bù kěyǐ xiàn zài chī? can you eat now?
wǒ bù kěyǐ gěi nǐ I can't give you (any)
X jiā X shì duō shǎo? X plus X is how much?
Xiànzài tài wăn le now it's too late
Tài too
Wăn late
Le past tense [particle]
gòu ma? / gòu bu gòu? is it enough?
gòu le it's enough
bú gòu it's not enough
tài duō le it's too much
Created by: emilyshih
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