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Assesment - medical

1. B S I verbalize B S I
2. determine the scene scene safe
3. determine M O I/N O I what is the mechanism of injury/ nature of illness
4. request for additional help request help
5. concider spine stabilization decide if c-spine should be held depending on MOI/NOI
6. determine responsiveness/ LOC A- alert V- verbal P- pain U- unreponsive
7. determines chief complaint apparent life-threats main injury or ilness any life threats
8. assess airway and breathing assessment - look, listen, feel assures adequate ventilation initiates appropriate oxygen therapy
9. assess circulation assess/control major bleeding check pulse assess skin(color, temp, condition)
10. identify patient priority decide treatment / transport
11. History = OPQRST O - onset,what were you doing P-provocation,does anything change the pain Q-quality,describe the pain R-radiation, does it move anywhere else S-severity, level 1 to 10 T- time, how long has it been happening
12. Past medical history - SAMPLE S-signs and symptoms A-allergies M-medications P-past pert. history L-last oral intake E-events leading up to present illness
13. secondary assessment- assesses affected bodypart/system -Cardiovascular -integumentary -Pulmonary -GI/GU -Neurological -reproductive -musculoskeletal -psychological/social
14. Vital signs -Pulse -bloodpressure -respiratory rate and quality
15. general impression of patient state your impression of patient
16. interventions verbalize properintervention/ treatments
17. reassessments demonstrates how and when to reasess patient
18. hand off provide accurate verbal report to arriving EMS unit
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