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pharmacology classif

---cillin penicillins (anti-microbial)
cef------ cephalosporins (anti-microbial)
---penem carbapenems (anti-microbial)
---cycline tetracyclines (anti-microbial)
--thromycin macrolides (anti-microbial)
----mycin/----micin lincosimides or aminoglycosides(anti-microbial)
sulf----- sulfonomides (anti-microbial)
---floxacin fluoroquinolones (anti-microbial)
INH, Rifadin, Myambutal antimycobacterials/anti TB (anti-microbial)
----azole, nystatin, amphotericin antifungals (anti-microbial)
---vir, -mantadine antivirals (anti-microbial)
---tidine histimine-2 antagonists (anti-microbial)
Plaquenil, Kwell anti-parasitics (anti-microbial)
bicarb, salts, magaldrate antacids (gastro)
---prazole PPIs (gastro)
Carafate GI protectant (gastro)
Cytotec Prostoglandin (gastro)
pancrelipase saliva substitute
castor oil, bisacodyl, cascara, senna Chemical Stimulants (lax)
magnesium citrate, lactulose, MOM, magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts)(FiberCon)(GoLYTELY) psyllium (Metamucil) Bulk Stimulants (lax)
mineral oil (Agoral Plain)docusate (Colace) glycerin (Sani-Supp) Lubricants (lax)
Reglan, Ilopan Gastrointestinal Stimulants (lax)
Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, paregoric Antidiarrheals (lax)
---azine Phenothiazines (antiemetic)
Reglan Non phenothiazine (antiemetic)
--clizine Anticholinergic/antihistimine (antiemetic)
---setron 5HT3 receptor blockers (antiemetic)
Emend substance-p, neurokenin (antiemetic)
ibuprofen, naproxyn, torodol, indocin, mobic COX1 (anti-inflam)
Celebrex COX2 (anti-inflam)
Rheumatrex, Plaquenil, Azulfidine DMARDS (anti-inflam)
Enbrel DMARD 1st TNF antagonist(anti-inflam)
Solganal Gold Salts (anti-inflam)
---mab monoclonal antibodies
---feron Imune stimulants, interferons
cyclosporine, ---limus immunosupressants
Created by: sandjlambert1