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Chapt 28 l and d

Labor and delivery

What is cerlage? Technique that sutures the internal cervix (closes up the opening)
Kernicterus Jaundice turns into this and causes irreversible Brain damage.
TORCH A virus that can cross the placental barrier
Describe HELLP syndrome Life threatening, go to ICU to treat
3 signs of pregnancy induced HTN Protein in urine, edema, hypertension
A mother just had twins a boy and girl , this is a result of the ferilization of______. The term for this is_____. 2 eggs , dizygotic
Assessment of the presence of a hydatidiform mole is based on Ovum or neuc that was never activated, later signs vaginal bleeding occurs, discharge is dark brown ( prune juice in color) or bright red and scant or profuse
95% of ectopic pregnancies occur in the _____. Fallopian tube
S and ad of ectopic pregnancy and tx. Slight vaginal bleeding and hypovolemic shock, sharp localized one sided pain or shoulder pain, surgical intervention to remove
Tx for incompetent cervix includes Cerclage
What s &sx May be exhibited by the ofthat is experiencing disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) DIC is managed in ICU
Med management and nurse intervention for PIH includes Mag sulfate, check resp and reflexes Q hr ( antidote is calcium gluconate)
Tx for postpartum hemorrhage includes: Fundal massage, potosin, breast feeding
Complications a nurse should watch for when a mother has gestational diabetes Polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia babies born to moms with g. Diabetes we test babies blood sugar normal is 40 and above
Define high risk pregnancy one in which the life or health of the mother or infant is jeopardized by a disorder that is associated with or exists at the same time as the pregnancy
what is Hyperemesis gravidarum when a woman vomits so much during pregnancy that it causes electrolyte , metabolic and nutritional imbalances, dont know what causes it.
monozygotic twins begin with one fertilized by one ovum, causing identical twins
dizygotic twins are the result of 2 ova being fertilized at the same time, (separate placentas)
hydatidiform mole a gestational trophoblastic disease, comes in to types, complete mole and partial mole.
S& SX of hydatidiform mole a complete in early stage cannot be distinguished from those of normal pregnancy, later bleeding occures vaginal discharge resembling prune juice
ectopic pregnancy implantation occurs somewhere other than within the uterus, most common in fallopian tube (needs med intervention)
Spontaneous abortion 2 kinds 1 spontaneous results from natural cause and 2 therapeutic abortion is interruption of pregnancy for medical or personal reasons.
Incompetent cervix passive dilation of cervix, cause of late abortion (second trimester)CERCKAGE USED TO HELP CORRECT
Placentia Previa placentia implants in the lower uterine segment, painless bright red vaginal bleeding after 20 weeks, bed rest no sex
abruptio placentae separation of the normally implanted placenta from the uterine wall, occurs late in pregnancy frequently during labor, cause unknown predisposing factors GH, trauma , htn (sudden severe pain, with uterine rigidity and hemorrhage,
disseminated intravascular coagulation Emergency C section, has to be in ICU unit, life threatening disorder having to do with clotting factors. (sudden onset of symptoms chest pain dyspnea, restless, cyanotic, must have iv and admin fibrinogen, blood restore clotting ability.
postpartum hemorrhage occurs in two stages, 1 blood loss greater than 500ml after natural delivery, and 100 ml after c section (interventions fundal massage, pitosin, metargen,hemobate, breast )
gestational htn (PIH) pregnancy induced hypertension, GH includes -preeclampsia mild or severe,-eclampsia most severe form of gh places mom and baby at risk
SIGNS & symptoms of GH Edema, Htn, Proteinuria
when mag sulfate is given what must you check hourly reflexes and resp hourly.
severe preeclampsia bp readings of 160/110 2 times within 6 hours apart.
Medical management for preeclampsia may be hospitalized, depending on severity, may also be managed at home, bed rest is often ordered , place on left lateral recumbent position
Mastitis infection of the lactating breast, organism enter through injured area of nipple may be no sign of injury.
mastitis symptoms flu like with fatigue and aching muscles, fevener of 101.1 chills malaise and headache, localized area of redness and inflammation
TORCH infections toxoplasmosis-caused by protozoan rubella- cause congenital defects cytomegalovirus- HSV crosses placental barrier Herpes Genitalis-
HIV moms, do they breast feed no
Diabetes mellitus pancrease doesnt produce insulin
GDM gestational diabetes mellitus inablility to produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels during pregnancy
what is Gestational age (chart byvictor dubowitz) preterm 0-37 weeks of pregnancy term 8-41 weeks of pregnancy postterm 42 or more weeks of pregnancy
Ballard scale determines neuromuscular maturity
perterm infant related to maternal or placental problems, but it not known exactly,
preterm infant greatest potential problem respiratory distress, first sign is grunting, cyanosis, tachypnea treated with oxygen therapy and artificial surfactant
beta methazone is given to mom why so to aide baby to make surfactant
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