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Law n Ethics 4

MA Law and Ethics

What is LAW? A set of rules governing conduct and action that are enforced by a recognized authority.
What is the purpose of law? Regulate Conduct-Punish Offenders -Remedy Wrongs -Benefit Society
What are the 2 main areas of law? Criminal and Civil Laws
What is CRIMINAL LAW? Laws that govern crimes or wrongs committed against society, individuals, or property in violation of an ordinance. CHARGES ARE BROUGHT FORTH BY THE GOVERMENT (EX: Medicare Fraud)
What is CIVIL LAW Laws that govern crimes or wrongs committed against and individual or property; CHARGES ARE BROUGHT FORTH BY THE INDIVIDUAL or HIS REPRESENATIVE
The practice of MEDICINE is generally regulated by what type or law? CIVIL LAW
What is the most frequently used types of Civil Law involved in the Practice of Medicine? Tort Law - Contract Law - Administrative Law
What is TORT LAW? legislation that relates to one party injuring another
What is Contract Law? Laws dealing with the rights and obligations of enforceable promises. Between 2 or more parties.
What is Administrative Law? Laws dealing with requirements and standards of govermental agencies.
What are the FOUR "D" ' s used to determine whether a situation is malpractice? DUTY-DERELICTION-DIRECT CAUSE - DAMAGES
What does NEGLIGENCE mean? action or inaction that injures another
What does NONFEASANCE mean? state of delaying or failing to perform a treatment
What does MISFEASANCE mean? state of performing a procedure incorrectly
What is MALFEASANCE? state of performing an incorrect treatement
The term used in most obvious cases is, " res ipsa loquitur, What does this mean? The thing speaks for itself
What does the term "RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR" mean? Let the Master Answer
What does the GOOD SAMARITAN ACT do and Encourage? It encourages off duty health care providers to render aid at the scenes of accidents and also protects health care personnel from liability or tort claims
What are the 5 components required for a contract to be legal and binding? OFFER MADE - OFFER ACCEPTED - EXCHANGE OF VALUE - ALL PARTIES MUST BE LEGALLY CAPABLE OF ACCEPTING THE TERMS - Intent must be legal
What does CONSENT mean? Voluntary permission given by a COMPETENT adult or legal agent of the patient
What is a EMANCIPATED MINOR? One who lives on his/her own and is self-supporting
Can MINORS serving in the armed forces consent to medical treatment? Yes they can
What are ADVANCE DIRECTIVES? Special documents signed by the patient,witnessed and notarized. These documents are put in place in case the patient is incapable of making decisions for him/herself.
What is a LIVING WILL? Document stating acceptable/unacceptable means to sustain the patients life.
A document stating whome the patient designates to make medical decisions regarding accepting and withholding treatment Medical (durable) power of attorney
What is ADMINISTRATIVE LAW? Regulations established and enforced by govermental agencies
The abbreviation CLIA stands for what? Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
What does OSHA stand for Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What does OSHA do? Regulates safety in the work place
What does the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) do? Regulates Federal Payroll Taxes
The Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOA) does what? Prohibits employment discrimination because of age, color, national origin, race, religion or sex
What does ADA stand for? Americans for Disabilities Act
What does the ADA do? Prhibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment
Title 7 of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 covers what? Unwelcome sexual advances,requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harrasment
Famil Medical Leave Act allows what for employees? It allows employees up to 12 job protected weeks of leave without pay for family or medical needs.
What does JCAHO stand for? The Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
What is CAAHEP? Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
Death Certificates must be completed by who? The attending physician
What is ETHICS? Moral principles, values and duties. Ethics are moral guidelines set forth and formally or informally enforced by peers,professional organizations and the community
What does AMA stand for? American Medical Association
What does AAMA stand for? American Association of Medical Assistants
In 1973, the American Hospital Association was the first to publish what? PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS
What is BIOETHICS? Moral issues dealing with biologic studies, research, procedures, policies and decisions.
What does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What is Quality Improvement (QI) AKA: Quality Assurance It is MEASURING - IMPROVING - AND REMEASURING Patient outcomes based on established criteria or indicators
What is LIBEL? False or Malicious writing against a person's character or reputaion
What is a COVERED ACCOUNT? A patient account that allows multiple payments or transactions
What is defamation? Injury to a person's character or reputation by false or malicious statements
What does "NON COMPOS MENTIS" mean? Not of Sound Mind
What is the AGE OF MAJORITY? An age at which a person is considered an adult; this is state-dependent, but usually is 18 or 21 years old
Define RECIPROCITY? The acceptance of one state of a license that is issued by another state
On Auguts 1, 2009 what rule was inacted? THE RED FLAG RULE
Who enacted The Red Flag Rule? Federal Trade Commission
The Red Flag Rule was enacted for what reason? To combat medical identity theft
What are REPORTABLE INCIDENTS? Events or conditions that, by law, that must be reported to a designated authority
What is SLANDER? False or Malicious verbal statement made against another
What does VULNERABLE POPULATIONS mean? A group of people who may be physically or mentally at rish for harm or exploitation
Current Procedural Terminology abbreviations is? CPT
What does CMS stand for? Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services
What does AHIMA mean? American Health Information Management Association
Created by: kimber954
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