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Ethical Principles


Autonomy Personal freedom, right of self determination
Beneficience Duty to perform good actions
Nonmaleficence Duty to prevent harm from occuring.
Veracity Truth telling
Justice fairness, treating all equally
Paternalism allows another to make decisions for individual patients
Fidelity Duty to keep one's promises and commitments, especially the commitment to the patient.
Respect for others Duty to treat all respectfully w/o prejudice.
What does MORAL stand for? Massage the dilemma, Outline the options, Resolve the dilemma, Act by applying the chosen option, Look back and evaluate.
What are the 3 sources of law? Constitutional law,Statutory law, Judicial law.
Nurse Practice Acts: Statutory law applied by judicial law. Each stat has their own acts. States standards of care,defines scope and practice, etc.
American Nurses Association Standards of Care guides what? ADoPIE
What is Tort law? Tort Law is usually the type that nurses are involved in. It's a wrong act committed against a person or their property
What are the 6 elements of professional negligence. Duty owed to the patient, Breach of duty, Forseeability of harm, Causation, INJURY, Damages.
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